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Classical Studies Program Requirements for 2022–2023

The 18-credit-hour classical studies minor consists of one introductory course, two classical language courses, and three electives chosen from a slate of multidisciplinary offerings.

Minor in Classical Studies

A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the classical studies minor.


Introductory Course – 3 credits

  • CLST 200C – P5 Worlds of Greece and Rome (3)

Classical Language Courses – 6 credits

Choose TWO courses from the following group.

  • GREK 101C – P5 Beginning Greek I (3)
  • GREK 102C – P5 Beginning Greek II (3)
  • LATN 101C – P5 Beginning Latin I (3)
  • LATN 102C – P5 Beginning Latin II (3)

Electives – 9 credits

Choose THREE courses from the following group.

  • An additional course in Latin or Greek language
  • CLST 210C – P5 Love in the Ancient World (3)
  • CLST 225D – P5 Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World (3)
  • CLST 230D – P5 Ancient Greek Historians (3)
  • ENGL 352 – Rhetorical Theory (3)
  • LLIT 107D – CC Introduction to World Mythologies (3)
  • PHIL 211C – P2 Ancient Philosophy (3)
  • PHIL 350C – P2 Renaissance Seminar (3)
  • REST 262C – P5 New Testament (3)

Total: 18 credits

Note: The program requirements listed are for the current academic year. Past and future program requirements may differ. Visit the catalog website to access current and past catalogs.