Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements for 2023-2024

B.A./B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

All courses specified in the interdisciplinary studies major are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major.


There are two required courses for the interdisciplinary studies major: ITDY 260 and ITDY 460. Beyond these required courses, students take 30 additional elective credits (10 classes) in their selected areas of study. Students create this program in their ITDY 260 course, exploring the idea of interdisciplinary thinking and creating a thoughtful degree plan aligning with their interests and curiosity.

  • ITDY 260 - Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (3)
  • ITDY 460 - Capstone in Interdisciplinary Studies (3)
  • Five major elective courses at or beyond the 200 level (15)
  • Five major elective courses at or beyond the 300 level (15)

Total: 36 credits


  • The approved proposal for the ITDY major program (embedded in the course ITDY 260) should be submitted prior to completing the final four courses of the program of study.
  • At least 1/2 of the major credits (18 credit hours) must be completed at St. John Fisher University.
  • Students are permitted to double major, but no more than two courses may be shared between majors or between the ITDY major and a declared minor.
  • Students have a choice between B.S. and B.A. programs. The B.A. requires completion of 90 credit hours of liberal arts, a minor as well as demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language. The B.S. requires 60 credits of liberal arts credits. All of these requirements can also count for the major or minor degrees.

Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students may request an interdisciplinary studies minor, which could include courses from a variety of fields. For an interdisciplinary minor, students must obtain the signature of one of the advisors in the Center for Career and Academic Planning, and submit a list of courses to be used (a minimum of six courses - 18 credits), along with a statement describing the goals of the minor. No more than one course required for a student's major may be used for the interdisciplinary minor. The Academic Program Change Request form (to declare one's minor) is available on the website of the Center for Career and Academic Planning.

Note: The program requirements listed are for the current academic year. Past and future program requirements may differ.