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Student taking notes in class.
Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Student to faculty ratio: 12:1
  • Typical class size: 20-25
  • Fisher family:1

Interdisciplinary Studies

Why be knowledgeable in one subject when you can attain competency in several areas of interest? Let Fisher’s interdisciplinary program help you meld academic fields into a meaningful, cohesive major.

Finding your voice in a variety of disciplines is at the heart of the liberal arts education Fisher offers. The interdisciplinary studies program takes this line of thinking one step further by adding a multifaceted component to your major, not just your Core classes and electives.

As an interdisciplinary studies major, you will work with advisors to create an academic program that pulls elements from several of Fisher’s programs into a comprehensive whole. This major is for you if you crave the freedom a personalized undergraduate program, tailored to your unique personal and professional goals, can bring.

Program Overview

The interdisciplinary studies major leads to a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree. Completion of the program requires the completion of 36 credits: two required courses, and 10 elective courses.

A minor declared by an interdisciplinary studies major may not include courses already being used in the program designated as part of the major.

Life After Fisher

The cumulative effect of the interdisciplinary studies program is as personalized as the major itself. As an interdisciplinary studies graduate, you could find success in a number of career fields, thanks to the well-rounded and multifaceted degree plans you had designed while an undergraduate at Fisher.

Perhaps you decide to continue your studies in graduate school. A bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies shows that you are an independent thinker who takes education seriously. When working toward an advanced degree, you will be qualified to complete a predetermined curriculum, or perhaps devise a specific interdisciplinary plan for graduate studies as well.