Mathematics Success Stories

The value of a Fisher education is evident in personal stories of success told by students and alumni. Read what they have to say about the program and what they gained from their experience.

Maria Covelli '22

Financial Analyst at Moog, Inc.

Maria Covelli

Maria Covelli

Maria Covelli has carried many lessons from her time at Fisher to her current role as a financial analyst at Moog, Inc. She chose to study mathematics at Fisher because she felt this study area involved many aspects of life. “I use my passion for mathematics to help the company continue to grow,” she explained.

Covelli credits her undergraduate studies for her current success in her professional career. “The mathematics department at Fisher taught me how to marry my creativity and logical thinking to overcome mathematical challenges.” She also believes Fisher prepared her as a problem solver. “Every class is an opportunity to think critically, communicate unique ideas, and express creativity.” 

Now, Covelli recommends a Fisher education because of the sense of preparation she felt as she stepped into her professional role. “I would absolutely recommend the Fisher mathematics program to others. The department’s goal is to help you succeed and support you through your college career. I feel they did exactly that, and I am proud to say I was a part of their program.”

MacGregor Winegard '22

Associate Data Engineer & Developer at KPMG U.S.

MacGregor Winegard

MacGregor Winegard

MacGregor Winegard was drawn to his field of study in mathematics from a young age. He discovered a talent for mathematics early, and this was reinforced by an interest in STEM from his father who is an engineer. A summer research opportunity after his junior year at Fisher further developed his love for critical thinking, programming, and writing code.

Now, as a data engineer and developer, Winegard is constantly challenged to learn new technologies and apply his critical thinking and analytical skills to tackle a wide range of problems. He credits his time at Fisher for preparing him for his current success. “The Math Department did a great job of giving me a problem-solving mentality of how to immerse myself in something, how to explore it, how to know when to ask for help, and how to have the confidence to know I can do this.”

Winegard believes that Fisher was a huge component in not only helping him to find a niche that he loves and in preparing him to succeed on a professional level. “The faculty get to know you really well, they can tell when you're struggling, and they understand your strengths. They make themselves super available to you, and it's really easy to get involved in their research.”

Fisher’s focus on career exploration and preparedness through its alumni network sets students on a path to success. “The math department does a phenomenal job of connecting current students with alumni and showing us all of the career choices we have as math majors through the career seminar,” Winegard explained. “As a student, it was great for me because it gave me access to people to ask questions while also demonstrating how invested they were in me as an individual.”