Study Abroad Application Process

Explore Study Abroad Options

Reflect on your reasons for wanting to study abroad and explore the various programs. 

Then, plan a time to meet with the director of study abroad to begin the application.

Fisher Study Abroad Application Process

  • Meet with your academic advisor to figure out what courses you can take while you are abroad.
    • Are there Core Requirements you can fulfill while abroad?
    • Are there any courses you can take toward your major?
  • With your advisor, choose the information regarding the courses you will take while abroad and if they will count toward the Core, your major, etc.
  • Your academic advisor and the Registrar will need to approve your proposed study abroad courses. If you are taking courses that will count toward your major, the department chair will also need to approve the courses.
  • With your advisor, plan which courses you will need to take when you're at Fisher during the semester following your time abroad.
  • Upload the Liability and Statement of Responsibility Agreement [pdf] with your online study abroad application.

Important Deadlines

May 1 (spring semester abroad)

December 1 (summer session and fall semester abroad)

After You Have Been Accepted by Fisher to Study Abroad - Begin the Affiliate's Online Application

Begin the online application process with the affiliate agency. This usually requires you to pay an application fee of up to $100.

Once you pay the application fee, the affiliate agency will then provide you with a list of tasks that must be completed (i.e. write a personal essay, have your transcript sent, obtain a letter of recommendation, etc.)