Student Stories from Abroad

Thinking about studying abroad? Read what other students have to say about their study abroad experiences.

Clare Boegel '23

Florence, Italy

Clare Boegel

Clare Boegel

Sustainability and political science double major and biology minor, Clare Boegel, has taken the next step in her college career through a study abroad experience in Florence, Italy. “My mom studied abroad when she was in college and hearing her talk about her experience inspired me to go,” she said. 

With some previous knowledge of the Italian language, Boegel gravitated toward Florence for the art, great food, and accessibility to other parts of Europe. Experiencing new things, new classes, traveling, and more, Boegel is making the most of her experience, “I am never bored here!”

From this experience, Boegel has become more proficient in a second language which she is hopeful will make her more marketable to employers in the future. “I’ve also gotten to meet and network with people from all over Europe and the U.S. through my program,” she said.

To students thinking about studying abroad, Boegel recommends going for it, “Pushing yourself out of that comfort zone is so important, and studying abroad is a super fun way to do it!”

Mia Donohue '24

Salamanca, Spain

Mia Donohue

Mia Donohue

When presented with the opportunity to combine travel and study, Mia Donohue knew this was the perfect blend of cultural immersion and learning for her. “I have been exposed to so many beautiful experiences.”

Studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain, Donohue took courses for her undergraduate program while traveling throughout Europe. She believes she grew academically and personally, “Traveling has taken my organizational skills to the next level!”

Donohue feels her experience has equipped her for her dream of working in global public health someday. “I would love to work at the World Health Organization or UNICEF, and studying abroad has allowed me to gain different perspectives of health care globally.”

For students considering a study abroad experience, Donohue highly recommends staying with a family abroad. “The home stay has allowed me to immerse myself completely, in terms of language, food, traditions, and more.”

Laura Hoya Noel '22

Barcelona, Spain

Laura Hoya Noel

Laura Hoya Noel

Laura Hoya Noel always had a passion for travel. “There was something about going to different places to try the food, sightseeing, and experiencing the environment of a different culture that brought me extreme happiness.” So, she thought taking classes in another country would be an excellent addition to her undergraduate experience. 

Hoya Noel plans to pursue a career in international relations, and she believes her time in Barcelona, Spain developed her skills for her career in many ways. “Through my study abroad, I was able to connect with diverse groups of people, practice my Spanish, and go out of my comfort zone.”

While completing courses for her undergraduate degree through Fisher, Hoya Noel explored Spain and interacted with students from several different countries. “I met people from China, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, and that is something I couldn’t have experienced on campus.”

Now, Hoya Noel encourages everyone to consider studying abroad. “It isn’t easy being away from family and friends, but I grew as an individual and no other semester will live up to it.”