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Sebastien Lazardeux

Associate Professor and Chair, Political Science Department
School of Arts and Sciences

Sebastien Lazardeux

Areas of Expertise

  • Politics in Europe
  • Far-right and neo-Nazi movements and parties


Lazardeux can discuss topics related to the European Union and European politics.

In his book, Cohabitation and Conflicting Politics in French Policymaking (Palgrave 2014), he shows that cohabitation can lead to heightened partisan conflict and policy paralysis, and discusses the conditions under which it is likely to do so. Lazardeux’s findings cast doubt on the desirability of using the French semi-presidential institutional blueprint for new democracies in search of efficiency in producing political, economic, and social reforms.

Lazardeux is also the author of various scholarly articles in Governance, French Politics, and West European Politics. A 2015 Governance article he co-authored, “Divided Government, Legislative Productivity, and Policy Change in the USA and France,” shows that divided government negatively impact the levels of production of important laws in the U.S and in France.