Faculty Film Screened at Buffalo International Film Festival

October 23, 2019

Jeremy Sarachan, associate professor and chair of the Media and Communication Department at St. John Fisher College, had his documentary, “Active Voices: Gun Reform Activism in Rochester, N.Y.,” presented as part of the Buffalo International Film Festival.

A still image from the film, Active Voices: Gun Reform Activism in Rochester, N.Y.

The film was included in a series of narratives and documentaries from Western New York filmmakers at the North Park Theatre, and documents a series of activist activities after the Parkland Shooting in spring 2018, including the March for Our Lives in Downtown Rochester. Fisher professors Steve Brauer (English/American studies), Jenna Rossi (American studies), and Linda MacCammon (religious studies/ethics) are interviewed in the film.

The crew included Josh Ramos ’20, a media and communication major, who worked as a summer research fellow on the film. Thomas Clark ’20, Alyssamarie Quartararo ’19, and Nathan Sengillo ’18—all three students are media and communication majors—also provided additional camerawork.

The film was also included in the Great Lakes International Film Festival, an online festival featuring films from all over the world across a range of genres.

“It was a great honor to spend several months working on this important and dire issue of our times,” said Sarachan. “I’m glad this film can join the ‘voices’ I documented to create additional awareness of the need for gun reform.”