#ClubCorner: BSU Creates Spaces for Black Voices to be Heard

October 8, 2020

This week, College News’ #ClubCorner features the Black Student Union. Also known as BSU, this club gives people of color a voice at Fisher, and aims to educate the campus community about the experience of being a black student on the Fisher campus. BSU supports black students, affirms their culture, and offers a safe space for students to share their views and opinions, as well as voice changes they want to see implemented on campus.

BSU President Lisa Balde; Vice President Faith Chukwu; Secretary Kiara Gilbert; Treasurer Laura Goya Noel; Event Coordinator Francine Charles; and Media and Marketing Officer Lindsey Walton.

This year, BSU’s e-board members include Lisa Balde, president; Faith Chukwu, vice president; Kiara Gilbert, secretary; Francine Charles, event coordinator; Laura Hoya Noel; treasurer; and Lindsey Walton, media and marketing.

“Our club’s goals are for students of color to feel welcomed at Fisher and feel like they are part of the Fisher family,” said Balde. “Also, for students to have the opportunity to have their voices be heard on campus on racial issues, and for actions to be taken when racial issues happen on campus.”

BSU has many activities planned throughout the year, including weekly meetings at 5 p.m. every Thursday on Zoom where they have dialogues on different topics such as microaggressions, Black women in America, and more. This semester, they are collaborating with other clubs on campus to host Fisher Unite: Say Their Names, a series of small group discussions that allow students to have conversations on current events. BSU is also in the process of planning their annual Blackout event.

For more information about the club, email lkb04659@sjfc.edu.