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#ClubCorner: Political Club is Ready for Action

October 1, 2020

St. John Fisher College’s Political Action Club, otherwise known as PAC, is a bipartisan club focused on connecting students to their interests. On the surface, students may think that this club is just a place to talk politics, but PAC focuses on giving students the opportunity to talk about topics and engage in projects that interest them.

Members of the Political Action Club at a meeting last spring.

Members of the Political Action Club at a meeting last spring.

This year, PAC is led by Morgan Bajish, president, and Natalia Quevedo de la Espriella, vice president. Avery Ryan serves as secretary of the club and David Watrous is the treasurer.

“This election is an important one and it’s different than we’ve ever seen before,” said Bajish. “It’s important to understand the policies and issues that are at stake, so individuals can make the best possible choice for themselves.”

The club has many activities planned for this academic semester. One of the activities is a “This or That” game, designed to inform students on which candidate they best align with based on how they answer certain questions. Recently, PAC hosted a voter registration drive where students could register to vote, request an absentee ballot, learn about their voting site locations, or hear answers to voting questions.

For more information about the club, email