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Employees Recognized for Years of Service

November 23, 2020

This fall, 91 St. John Fisher College employees are celebrating anniversary years of service totaling an impressive 1,165 years of employment.

Cardinal works at their desk.

Two in particular—Dr. Jason Berman, professor of management, and Mark Polimeni, lead carpenter—are celebrating their 40-year milestone, both joining the College in 1980. At that time, the total enrollment at the College was 2,204 students, Fr. Braden became the third president of the College, and the Student Life Center was built.

The full list of honorees include:

35 Years of Service: Erin O’Connor

30 Years of Service: Lorenzo Morrison, Dr. Theresa Nicolay, Bob Simms, Dr. Deb Vanderbilt

25 Years of Service: Stacy Ledermann, Jose Perales

20 Years of Service: Allison Bosworth, Dr. Steve Brauer, Dr. Lawrence Fouraker, Dr. Tim Franz, Dr. Lucia Guarino, Jill McCabe, Mary McGowan, Dr. Jen Pluretti, Dr. Mark Rice, Holly Smith, Susan Wisniewski

15 Years of Service: Dr. Katrina Arndt, Dr. Melissa Bissonette, Chenno Bowens, Pam Carzo, Dr. Ed Freeman, Dr. Susan Hildenbrand, Nanette Huether, Dr. Chinwe Ikpeze, John Lacek, Ed Langdon, Carolyn Martin, Penny Myler, Libby Pinti, Alan Pogroszewski, Dr. Diane Reed, Jeremy Sarachan, Dr. Linda Schlosser, Dr. Susan Schultz

10 Years of Service: Kourtney Blackburn, Dr. Melissa Bourne, Edward Brockhuizen, Ellen Brothers, Anthony Corigliano, Dr. Keith DelMonte, Amy Gaffney, Lori Hollenbeck, Ralph Holmes, Dr. John Kirchgessner, Dr. John Kiweewa, Amy Leckinger, Dr. Nicholas Leifker, Dr. Mindy Lull, Say Phonharath, Brandon Potter, Dr. Marta Rodriguez-Galan, Dr. Ramil Sapinoro, Dr. Kathleen Savage, Heather Sisk, Art Smith, Dr. Clair Smith, Dr. Jill Swiencicki, Kate Torok, Joanne Weinschreider

5 Years of Service: Tina Abbey, Vicki Alfieri, Jillian Anzalone-Burgette, Kenny Bailey, Brenda Baker, Matt Berry, Joy Breeden, Andy Brolsma, Tammy Chmiel, Dr. Yvette Conyers, Kevin Cook, Kiernan Donofrio, Agron Ekmekciu, Brian Fardellone, Pat Gordon, Melissa Greco Lopes, Misho Ilijeski, Paul Lazenby, Dr. Sean Leonard, Alex Liebowitz, Dr. Jonathan Millen, Aaron Resch, Russ Reynolds, Pat Starks, Dr. Elizabeth Sutton Burke, Sara Vinch, Dr. Stephen West, Brittany Zeager