MSA Educates Fisher Students on Islamic Culture

November 8, 2020

This week in #ClubCorner, College News is highlighting the Muslim Student Alliance. Also known as MSA, this club works to establish a relationship between Muslim and non-Muslim campus community members. It gives Muslims and non-Muslims a chance to get to know more about Islam and other religions that exist.

Logo: Muslim Student Alliance

This year, MSA’s e-board members include Abdulhady Homed, Durdane Hatun Guler, Raunak Al- Rubayie, Danyal Shah, and Majdawleen Al-Amiri.

The club’s main goals are to promote an educational and informative outlook of Islam that helps to address and eliminate misconceptions of the religion today, provide a new perspective of life and one’s role in it, and enlighten both Muslims and non-Muslims through camaraderie and solidarity. The club also hopes to provide a platform where students can freely discuss religion and foster interfaith and cultural understanding. 

“We choose a topic every Friday to have a dialogue on,” said Homed, who serves as president of MSA. “We first start by giving a 10 to 15 minute introduction to the topic then use the rest of the time to have a sustained dialogue. We talk about topics that both non-Muslims and Muslims can learn from so that we are inclusive of all levels of education of Islam.”

MSA is also involved with the Fisher Unite Dialogue Series, which provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to engage in ongoing discussions around racial equity, social justice, diversity, and inclusion.

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