Take A Deep Breath, NAMI and Peer Support Team Are Here For You!

November 19, 2020

This week, College News’ #ClubCorner is doing a double feature highlighting Fisher’s chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Peer Support Team. Both clubs seek to educate students about mental health and cultivate a caring atmosphere on campus.

During a club meeting, students in NAMI make plans for the fall semester.

During a club meeting, students in NAMI make plans for the fall semester.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, also known as NAMI, is a group of students who advocate for mental health and work to break the stigma around issues of mental health. The Peer Support Team (PST), launched by Jenna Weintraub, Fisher’s wellness educator, works to educate students on mental health, as well as both physical and environmental wellness.

This year, NAMI’s e-board includes David Eichas and Emily Moore, presidents; Will Fell, vice president; Korinne Minton, secretary; Lee Hannan, treasurer; and Aleysha Dominguez, social media coordinator. This year’s PST members are Elizabeth Mon, Allison Currents, Jennah Ferrari, Molly Moyer, Albania Mitchell, Grant Stokoe, Brittney Stanley, Bella Giannicchi, David Eichas, and Elizabeth Gardner.

Throughout the semester, PST has sponsored many online activities, including a “Spooky Relationship Bingo” in October to educate the students on characteristics of healthy relationships. NAMI has hosted regular support groups, providing students with an open space to talk and express themselves. The group has also used their social media platforms to spread awareness and offer resources to students.

As the fall semester winds down, both groups are planning for the spring. The Peer Support Team has discussed hosting more Yappie Hours, virtual showcases of everyone’s pets for puppy therapy. And NAMI is planning to continue to hold support groups where students can come and express their feelings and de-stress for a bit.

For more information on NAMI, email de06799@sjfc.edu and for more information about the Peer Support Team, email jweintraub@sjfc.edu.