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Teddi TikTok Challenge Supports Cancer Patient

October 29, 2020

If you love TikTok, you have probably seen Tia Stokes post a dance or two. Stokes, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in April 2020, pledged to share a dance every day on the platform until she beat the disease. As viewers shared in her journey, they rallied around her, even doing the dance for her on days when she was too ill to do it herself.

That type of community support is at the heart of the Teddi Dance for Love committee’s mission, and chair Emily Trotman ’21 wasted no time encouraging Fisher students to help cheer on Stokes.

“Teddi has done a few TikTok challenges in the past and we decided to make Tia’s dance a TikTok challenge of the week,” Trotman explained.

Three clubs, nine athletic teams, and a few individual students joined the challenge, posting videos with the message, “Sending lots of Teddi love your way.”

“This is what Teddi is all about—spreading love and awareness and giving support to those suffering or affected by cancer,” Trotman said. “It was truly an amazing turnout from our community on campus and was great to see everyone coming together for something so important.”

More than just a fun dance, Trotman said the power and strength of the campus community joining together is an important piece of the effort.

“We have so many voices on campus, why not use these voices to show support for someone who is going through a really hard time?” she said. “It was a fun way to spread some goodness and happy messages.”