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COVID-19 Impacts and Your Job Search

November 18, 2021

COVID-19 disrupted what was once considered a “normal” life. Many industries have been forever changed. Some have thrived (healthcare, technology) while others nearly disappeared (travel, on-site retail). Ways of living, socializing, and learning have been forever altered and that includes how we work (or how we find work).

The Center for Career and Academic Planning (CCAP) Career Services team offers several insights to address a few myths linked to COVID-19’s impact on your job search.

Your Thoughts and Our Answers:

Student: “I’m not sure if employers are going to be interested in hiring me, so I haven’t really looked into future opportunities.”

CCAP: Recruiters are actually competing for your attention today. COVID-19 has left a significant impact in the current job market that is in YOUR favor! Company representatives to campuses know the benefit of establishing a presence in-person or virtually to build their brand with you, so they come to campus for pop-up days or host virtual info sessions to connect with you. They want to know you! And most companies want to hire new talent—that means: you!

Student: “Now what do I do? The job market has changed.”

CCAP: New college graduates have the ability to experience a different style of work, one that is becoming the “new normal,” one with more flexibility and a heavier reliance on technology. This transformation in company culture could allow you to work from home in Rochester for a business or organization across the country. Or you could even work for a global organization, all from the comfort of your own home! Many employers shifted their hiring practices and job role assignments to embrace how early-career starters want to work.  

Student: “How do I shift the approach to my job search since the pandemic has closed the usual paths college seniors take when looking for a job?”

CCAP: We get it: a job search can feel intimidating but the Career Services professionals at Fisher are here to help! We offer lots of resources to help you control your anxiety or uncertainty and develop an action plan so you feel more in control. While websites like Indeed and Google Jobs sound like the go-to place for a search, Fisher has provided you with resources for a successful career. Handshake (located on the launchpad) is the No. 1 job board for college students! Unlike Indeed or LinkedIn, the employers on Handshake are specifically recruiting college students and new alumni. Start fishing in the pond with employers who are committed to hiring young talent, not in the ocean where anything goes.

Just in Case:

Not sure where to start with your job search? Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. where you can meet with us to discuss your career planning process. You can also schedule an appointment with a CCAP advisor today on Handshake or FisherLink.