New Fisher Clubs on the Rise for Spring Semester

December 6, 2022

Student organizations and clubs at Fisher have always created a robust campus life. Over the last couple of semesters, Fisher students have continued this tradition by generating ideas for new clubs that will help students connect through shared and common interests.

Students at the Fisher Feminists Thrift event.

Fisher Feminist Alliance

The Fisher Feminist Alliance (FFA) is a campus organization dedicated to women and women-identifying individuals to raise awareness, educate, and create positive change at Fisher and in the local community. Run by President Madison Weber and Vice President Hannah Beamish, the Fisher Feminist Alliance focuses on political action, fundraising, female sexuality, and much more.

“The club is literally the physical embodiment of local political activism on campus,” said Weber.

The organization is open to all ages, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ethnicities and hopes to be a voice for underserved communities on campus. In the coming semester, Fisher students can look out for the organization hosting events including a sex education night, a trip to the Lucky Flea in Rochester in support of women owned businesses, and local volunteer opportunities.

The FFA meets every Monday from 6 to 7 p.m. in Basil 210 and can be found on Instagram @sjf_feminists or on Fisher’s Cardinal Hub.

Fisher Ski and Snowboard Club

Fisher Ski and Snowboard Club provides a chance for students to engage in exciting outdoor activities over the winter months. Led by President Kate Buckley and Vice President Joseph Crocker, the club welcomes skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. 

Thanks to funding provided by Fisher, a select number of students will be given a lift pass to Bristol Mountain Ski Resort every Sunday starting after winter break.  The pass includes rentals for equipment, lessons, and transportation. Fisher Ski and Snowboard Club is perfect for students who want to try the sports for the first time without the expense. One thing Fisher skiers and snowboarders can look out for in the coming months … trees!

Find Fisher Ski and Snowboard on Fisher’s Cardinal Hub.

Billiards Club

Fisher’s Billiards Club is led by President Bogdan Rozvora and Vice President Brandon Nicosia. In hopes to return Billiards to its former glory as a staple organization on campus, the club is replacing broken equipment and fostering the next generation of pool club members.

Billiard’s Club has set out to engage and be inclusive to the Fisher community to provide a place for students to feel safe and socialize with peers. Students can look out for a singles tournament in spring 2023. There will be prizes that include a pool cue for the winner and consolation prizes for second and third place winners.

Billiards Club will meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. at Sono Grill. Find the club on Instagram @sjfubilliards or on Fisher’s Cardinal Hub.

Athlete to Athlete

Athlete to Athlete is a campus organization dedicated to raising awareness for student-athlete mental health. Run by President Claire Kruszka and Vice President Lauren Nawojski, this club addresses the stigma of mental health issues within the world of sports and supports student-athletes through the pressures to perform in games and practices while balancing academics, work schedules, and other commitments.

In the spring, students can look out for Athlete to Athlete’s sporting events dedicated to mental health. Several Fisher teams including basketball and track and field will host games, matches, and meets dedicated to this cause. This club is also open to more than just athletes. “Our meetings touch upon a lot of topics regarding mental health that can be useful to everyone,” said Kruszka.

Find Athlete to Athlete on Instagram @a2asjf or on Fisher’s Cardinal Hub.

Fisher Swifties

Led by President Jessica D’Amico and Vice President Domenique D’Amico, Fisher Swifites is dedicated to music fans of Taylor Swift. Students can meet others in the Fisher community who feel the same passion for Swift’s lyrics and sound.

Through Fisher Swifites, fans can connect with Swift’s music but also with others through fun conversations and music-filled experiences.

Find Fisher Swifties on Instagram @fisherswifties or on Fisher’s Cardinal Hub.

This article was written by Grace Valenti ’24, an English major at St. John Fisher University. Completing a Certificate in Public and Professional Writing, Valenti also serves as the PR Writing intern in the Office of Marketing and Communications.