Whirlwind of Opportunities Ahead for Executive Interns

October 19, 2022

The new school year brings eight undergraduates into the Executive Internship Program. In their roles, students gain a deeper understanding of higher education leadership while also experiencing it.

2022-2023 Executive Interns

As a key initiative of President Rooney, the Executive Internship Program provides students interested in higher education the opportunity to work with senior leaders at the University in one of eight departments. The program operates in the Office of the President, Division of Institutional Advancement, Division of Student Affairs, Office of Marketing and Communications, Division of Enrollment Management, Division of Financial Affairs, Office of the Provost, and Intercollegiate Athletics.

This year, the program introduces two new divisions, Office of the Provost and Intercollegiate Athletics. Previous Executive Interns Hannah King ’22 (Office of the President) and MacGregor Winegard ’22 (Division of Institutional Advancement) were integral players in pitching the additional positions to program leadership and the program donor, Jeff Taylor of Monroe Roadways, during the 2021-2022 academic year.

The 2022-2023 team of interns consists of a mix of juniors and seniors from a range of majors at the University and include Caleb Thomas ’24 (Office of the President), Gabrielle Papale ’23 (Division of Institutional Advancement), Maddie S. Woods ’23 (Division of Student Affairs), Nicole Smith ’23 (Office of Marketing and Communications), Zoë Haines ’23 (Division of Enrollment Management), Nate Lewis ’24 (Division of Financial Affairs), Sophia Burt ’23 (Office of the Provost), and Joseph Ruggiero ’23 (Intercollegiate Athletics).

With life finally getting back to “normal,” the newest cohort of interns have shared their excitement through individual goals and hopes for collaboration with others. Thomas has shared an interest in working to create opportunities for both current and future program participants.

As with previous years, the executive interns and their supervisors are committed to creating experiences that will go beyond campus walls for both themselves and all students at St. John Fisher University.