Fisher Dining Serves Up New Features, Food, and More!

September 8, 2023

When students are looking for a home-away-from-home experience, they should look no further than Fisher Dining Services. Whether it’s Ward-Haffey Dining Hall, SONO Latin Grill, or the newly renovated Haff Caff, the culinary creativity and high level of customer service will meet breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack needs!

A student recieves a plate of food in the Ward-Haffey Dining Hall.

Check out the many updates happening around campus, then understand why Fisher Dining has the No. 1 spot as the Best College Food in New York (and No. 5 in the country), according to’s 2024 rankings.

Meal Plans Give You a Taste of Fisher

This year, the University has rolled out new meal plans for the entire campus community. The new Ultimate Meal Plan is…the ultimate campus plan!  The plan includes 350 swipes, $100 in dining dollars, and 5 guest passes.  With three or four meals per day, the Ultimate Plan can be used to eat at all dining locations as well as Dining Dollar snack and beverage purchases. The Ultimate Plan is available to all students.

Commuters have an additional option this year and can experience a taste of Fisher Dining with the Small Commuter Plan specifically designed for them, providing 35 meal swipes and $50 Dining Dollars.

Graduate students can also purchase any of the student meal plans, too!

All students can add a meal plan online until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 11, and the plan will be active within an hour of purchase.

Fisher employees can now also sign up for a meal plan that includes 30 meal swipes that can be used at Ward-Haffey Dining Hall, SONO, or Fisher Sub Shoppe (located in Murphy Hall). Employees can sign up for the plan at any time through the Dine on Campus website, and the plan will be added directly to their Fisher ID within 24 business hours.

Tech Takeover for Your Convenience

Cyber Café, Haff Caff, SONO, and the Fisher Sub Shoppe now have the BOOST mobile ordering system available which allows you to put in your pick-up order while on the go! Self-service kiosks have been added at Sono, Cyber Café, Fisher Sub Shoppe, and Haff Caff for a quicker check-out.

Experience faster lines at Ward-Haffey Dining Hall! Students and employees using meal plans can simply swipe their card at the new registers, see the approval flash on the screen, and walk in.

Expanded Food Offerings Across Locations

The sous chefs at Ward-Haffey Dining Hall are adding Halal-friendly offerings (food permissible to each according to the teachings of Islam) on the Wok and Main Line.

The newly renovated Haff Caff is now open! Late Night options include pizzas, milkshakes, Bowl Life, made-to-order items at the grill, and more! At Late Lunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 4:30 p.m., come grab a pizza, smoothie, acai bowls, or other light fare options. Place an order through the self-service kiosk or convenient Boost mobile ordering system. Haff Caff will also feature monthly specials.

Coming later this fall, check out the Farm Shelf in Haff Caff, where Fisher Dining will be growing its own herbs!

The grill at Ward-Haffey goes a la cart this semester! Use the new Tapin2 app for fresh, made-to-order grill meals. Scan the QR codes (found on any napkin holders and signs in the Dining Hall), place an order, and receive a text when the order is ready.

You asked and Fisher Dining listened:

  • Introducing quesadillas every day at SONO.
  • Dining Hall dinner hours have been extended until 8 p.m. nightly and the Cyber Café, Sono, and Pioch Café have expanded Friday hours.
  • Fisher Sub Shoppe has added dinner hours on Fridays!
  • Running late to class, and can’t decide what to eat? Fisher Dining to the rescue. Cyber Café now features new coolers stocked with delicious grab-and-go items to save time. Plus, enjoy extra-value bags of chips for all snacking needs.

Other Updates

Go Eco with Ozzi

The Ozzi reusable take-out container program is going strong. Purchase an Ozzi container from the register at Ward-Haffey Dining Hall for food to go. When finished, return the container to the Ozzi machine (located in the Campus Center Atrium), and receive an account credit back or a coin for a new container.  Containers may also be returned directly to a cashier.

JoyFUL is Back

Fisher Dining Services is committed to promoting the importance of mental health and wellness. This year, they are teaming up with the Health and Wellness Center and JED Initiative on campus to offer a series of events that spark joy. Check out the first event during lunch on Tuesday, Sept. 19, in the Ward-Haffey Dining Hall.

Student Ambassadors Spread the Word

A new team of student ambassadors is working to become the bridge between students and the Fisher Dining Services team. Follow @fisherdining on Instagram to see their stories, the latest updates, and giveaways!