For Research Help, Just Ask a Librarian

October 4, 2023

Tackling a research project or writing a paper and need assistance? Look no further than the librarians at Lavery Library.

A Lavery librarian helps a student find books.

Students have a variety of options for Research Help services through Lavery Library. Drop-in hours, as well as in-person and Zoom appointments with Fisher librarians are among the most popular so far this semester. Other services include emailing a question to the librarians, 24-7 live chat, and using the online tutorials on Lavery Library’s website.

Research Help is available for all students, regardless of their major, year, or background.

Rachel Dillon, a psychology major who is enrolled in the Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling fast-track program, will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in psychology this December, and has already begun her graduate study in mental health counseling. She has met with a librarian every year at Fisher, and would encourage students to do the same.

“It was very helpful,” Dillon said. “I would say the librarian walks you through the process.”

Fisher’s librarians provide personalized guidance and support for students who are working on assignments including research papers, presentations, or dissertations. They can assist students with any aspect of their research, from choosing a topic, to developing a search strategy, to finding books, e-books, and articles.

Kate Ross is one of the nine librarians who provide Research Help services at Lavery Library. Ross loves being able to work collaboratively with the other librarians to make sure she is connecting students to the information they need.

“In the same way that one library cannot provide the entire universe of published and unpublished information, no librarian holds all the answers,” she said. “Lavery librarians work together to bring the combined knowledge and expertise of all its members to help our students at all levels, from first year students through doctoral candidates.”

Librarians work hard to make students feel comfortable in Research Help meetings, and student feedback has been positive. “It’s a lot less scary than they think, probably,” Dillon said. “I know research can be a very broad and kind of scary topic for a lot of people. So, I would say that it’s very helpful to just meet with the librarian because they can walk you through it.”

Students can visit Lavery Library during Research Help drop-in hours, Monday through Friday, noon to 3 p.m., and ask for a librarian at the Checkout desk, no appointment needed. Students who prefer to book an appointment ahead of time can meet with a librarian in person or over Zoom, at a time that suits them. They can visit Lavery Library’s website and select their preferred date, time, and mode of consultation. They will receive a confirmation email with the details of their appointment and the name of their librarian.