Seventeen New Faculty Members Join Campus

September 4, 2023

This fall, St. John Fisher University welcomes 17 new faculty members to its classrooms.

A professor teaches a class.

Twelve new faculty have joined the School of Arts and Sciences across its many disciplines, including Dr. Christine Richards, visiting assistant professor of African American studies; Dr. Philip Dodge, visiting assistant professor of biology; Dr. Khayriyyah Mohd Hanafiah, assistant professor of biology; Dr. Andrew Hoffman, assistant professor of biology; Dr. Sungmin Park, visiting assistant professor of economics; Dr. Anthony Siracusa, assistant professor of history; Daniel Brown, visiting instructor of mathematical and computing sciences; Dr. Michelle Flood, visiting assistant professor of media and communication; Dr. Jeffrey Stephens, associate professor of physics; Alexis Abbott, visiting instructor of psychology; Byungju Kang, assistant professor of sport studies; and Katie McJury, visiting instructor of sport studies.

At the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education, Dr. Kristen Driskill will serve as an associate professor of inclusive education.

The Wegmans School of Nursing welcomed Dr. Michelle Slymon, assistant professor of nursing, and Heather Hamilton, visiting instructor of nursing. The School’s mental health counseling graduate program also welcomed two faculty, Dr. Scott McGuinness, assistant professor, and Cyrus Andrew Marcy, visiting instructor.

In the Wegmans School of Pharmacy, Anne Schewighardt was named vice chair of pharmacy practice and administration and Todd Camenisch was named interim assistant dean for online education.