Four Questions with Four Seniors

April 29, 2019

With two shorts weeks left until Commencement, seniors at St. John Fisher College are wrapping up their finals, preparing for Senior Week, and getting ready to start their lives after Fisher.

Chris Murray, Victoria (Tori) Loyson, Julian Winters, and Jacob Covert

College News Highlights caught up with four seniors—Chris Murray, Victoria (Tori) Loysen, Julian Winters, and Jacob Covert—to see what’s next for them.

Upon graduation, Murray is hoping to pursue a career in public relations and communications in the Rochester area. Loysen, who is president of the Class of 2019, accepted a position as a registered nurse at the Golisano Children’s Hospital. Winters will head back to his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to test out the job market in sports broadcasting. Covert, an Honors student, will spend the summer studying for the CPA exam and will join the Bonadio Group as a tax consultant. Before they leave, CNH also asked how they feel about their four years at Fisher.

CNH: You have four years at Fisher under your belt. In one word, how do you feel?

Chris: Optimistic

Tori: Empowered

Julian: Grateful

Jacob: Accomplished

CNH: What was your favorite class? Why?

Chris: Speech Communication with Rob Linton. It was one of the most intimate classes I took at Fisher. Each class, students gave a speech and it was great to see everyone grow and perfect their skills. Everyone was super encouraging.

Tori: Pharmacology, because it’s so interesting to know the reason we give medications and all that they really do for us inside of our bodies!

Julian: My favorite course that I was enrolled in was Sports Reporting with Prof. Haupt. I loved her as a professor because she was very informative and was always willing to help. Also, my passion involves sports so learning about more the sports industry and how professionals work within the industry was very insightful.

Jacob: Debt Investments with Professor Wayne Strauss. He taught obscure financial topics not covered in any other class. I found it beneficial for future investing strategies.

CNH: What is your favorite food in the dining hall?

Chris: M&M Cookies

Tori: Chicken French and the burrito station!

Julian: I love the pasta station and whenever chicken parm is offered, I always have to get a plate or two.

Jacob: The pasta station! Chicken Alfredo, to be specific.

CNH: What was your most memorable campus event/activity?

Chris: Dancing with the Fisher Stars!

Tori: Fisher Fever and Teddi!

Julian: I enjoyed the trip hosted by SBA to go to Nashville, Tennessee last Spring Break in 2018. I visited a city full of rich history and was able to site see a lot of landmarks. I indulged in their food as well. In regards to campus activities, I enjoyed going to Teddi Dance for Love this year because of the great cause and all the friends I was able to spend time with.

Jacob: Fisher Fever!