Research Writing Alums Offer Students Advice

April 5, 2019

The Research Writing essay is a fixture of the first-year student experience at Fisher. Research Writing 199 is taken in the spring of the freshman year, after the Learning Community, and serves as the foundation of the core courses and an important place that students develop their skills in college-level research, analysis, and writing.

Ranita Williams, Mark Walsh, Ally Wichtowski, and Julia Detmer shared their best practices in research, drafting, and revising.

This semester on March 14, the First-Year Program (FYP) brought alumni and current students together to share advice for surviving and thriving through the 199 research essay experience.

Fionnuala Regan, faculty member in the First-Year Program (FYP), gathered Ally Wichtowski, Julia Detmer, Ranita Williams, and Mark Walsh to share their best practices in research, drafting, and revising. More than 45 students attended the event, one that Dr. Jill Swiencicki, FYP director, and Regan, FYP writing fellow, hope will become a mainstay of the program.