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Countdown to Commencement 2020: Ranita Williams

February 9, 2020

The next member of the Class of 2020 to be featured in the Countdown to Commencement series is Ranita Williams, an education and American studies major who was nominated by Erin Barry, director of the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement.

Williams’ first time on campus was with her grandmother, who returned to complete her undergraduate college degree as an adult student in her late 40s. She said she remembers watching her grandmother being welcomed and loved on campus, and knew then that Fisher was the kind of place she wanted to be.

As senior class president, she enjoys serving as the spokesperson for her peers and calls the role an “honor.” She has also stayed involved as a Service Scholar and a member of Commuter Council, and she has participated in past Spring break service trips. Most recently, she was cast in the College’s new ad campaign, “I See Myself.”

“Ranita is always up for speaking engagements, community engagement activities, or scholar mentoring – she is a true Cardinal through and through and such a bright light on our campus. She is unparalleled. I will miss her dearly,” said Barry.

Williams said that her goal in life is to build a school, no surprise to those who know her.

“She inspired me to do more, to always be courageous in my dedication to community and the hard work that must be done, to find more ways to give back. And to do it all with a smile,” added Barry.