Fisher Receives Scholarship Support from Thiem Charitable Foundation

March 8, 2021

St. John Fisher College received $125,000 from the Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation to support three scholarship programs.

Over the course of a 20-year relationship, the Thiem Foundation has given Fisher more than $1.4 million in scholarship funds; in 2019, the College recognized the organization as a member of its Presidents Society, which honors philanthropists who have given gifts of $1 million or more to the College.

In this new round of support, the College’s Thiem Nursing Scholarship Program will receive $60,000; the Thiem School of Pharmacy Scholarship will receive $35,000; and the Thiem Scholarship Fund, which benefits students outside of the nursing and pharmacy programs, will receive $30,000.

“For nearly two decades, the Thiem Foundation has helped hundreds of students realize their dreams of a Fisher education,” said Dr. Gerard J. Rooney, president of the College. “We are appreciative of their ongoing commitment to the College and for their continued support of our students, who have gone on to achieve professional and personal successes in their lives after Fisher.  The notable impact of Thiem funding at Fisher has been especially noticeable in the pandemic, as the number of Fisher nursing and pharmacy graduates who are serving our community on the front lines of health care delivery is most significant.”

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