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Meet the Team: Office of Campus Ministry

February 1, 2021

Whether they’re setting up a food and clothing drive for a local nonprofit or hosting a Mass for athletes, the staff members in the Office of Campus Ministry work daily to support the spiritual and religious experiences of each person on campus.

The Office of Campus Ministry Team includes Sarah Mancini-Goebert, Jonathan Schott, Fr. Kevin Mannara, and Sean Ajluni.

Rooted in the College’s Catholic and Basilian heritage, the team fosters the charisms of goodness, discipline, and knowledge to promote religious expression, peace, justice, and a culture of service. In the last several years, the team has led a robust events program, organized dozens of donation drives, and embarked on service trips to Florida and Texas.

“Our goal is to empower all students to explore questions of faith and empower them to practice their faith,” said Fr. Kevin Mannara, CSB, director of campus ministry. “This is why we continue to collaborate and meet with our faith based clubs and our Interfaith Advisory Council throughout the semester to plan events to promote diversity of faith traditions and dialogue.”

This semester, the Office is participating in Fisher’s first-ever Snow Day, taking place on Saturday, Feb. 13. The team offers ongoing Chapel night every Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. where they share Mass, service, and a snack. And, as the spring academic calendar will keep students on campus for Holy Week and Easter, the team looks forward to having several students celebrate their sacraments during Holy Week.

Students can find the staff in the Fr. Joseph Trovato, CSB Office of Campus Ministry, located on the first floor of the Donald E. Bain Campus Center, during normal business hours. The team can also be found in the Hermance Family Chapel of St. Basil the Great around Mass times and on Sundays.

“We continue to accompany our students on their faith journey. We hope to support them as they recognize the resiliency they have shown throughout the pandemic and how they can carry that into the future. We aim to continue to be a source of support in all faith questions and other concerns life brings,” said Mannara.

Office of Campus Ministry Staff

Meet Fr. Kevin Mannara

Fr. Mannara officially joined the College in July 2017, but had spent time on campus serving as a consultant during the construction of the Hermance Family Chapel of St. Basil the Great. As director of campus ministry, he oversees the team and programs. His most important role, though, is that of chaplain, providing for the sacramental life of the College. This semester, he will also be teaching a course through the Religious Studies Department. “My favorite thing about Fisher is the great people I meet, and seeing how the heritage of the Basilian Fathers is being lived here today.”

Meet Jonathan Schott

Schott began at the College in December 2016, but as an alumnus, he was already familiar with the campus community. In his role as assistant director of the Office, he helps plan student activities and leadership programs and oversees service opportunities.  “One thing I’ve always enjoyed, both as a student and as staff, is just walking around campus and seeing who is around,” he says. “There’s always someone to talk to, or someone who might need to talk to one of us campus ministers. I think being present around campus is a really important aspect of what we do.”

Meet Sarah Mancini-Goebert

As the liturgy and music coordinator, Mancini-Goebert handles anything related to prayer or music at the Chapel. She works with alumni who are getting married and directs the music ministry and the All-College Choir. “I love meeting, teaching, and journeying with each and every single student. They teach me so much and I hope, in turn, I teach them. I miss them when they are on break and so look forward to when we get to be together again when the semester is in session!”

Meet Sean Ajluni, CSB

Ajluni is spending the spring semester at Fisher through an internship with the Basilian Fathers. He will be working with the Office of Campus Ministry, learning skills for how to minister in uncertain times. He will be working with students who are preparing to celebrate sacraments, the first-year students' spirituality group, and with chapel liturgies and prayer services.