Meet the Team: Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion

January 25, 2021

You’ll find their offices on the second floor of the Donald E. Bain Campus Center. But more likely, they’re out and about helping students manage events, hosting community-building activities, and spreading Fisher spirit all over campus. We are talking about Amanda Metzger, Mackenzie Sherwood, Jenna Weintraub, and Jaimie Beard, who together make up the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion.

The Student Engagement and Inclusion Staff: Amanda Metzger, Mackenzie Sherwood, Jenna Weintraub, and Jaimie Beard.

The Student Engagement and Inclusion Staff: Amanda Metzger, Mackenzie Sherwood, Jenna Weintraub, and Jaimie Beard.

As an Office, the team provides opportunities for students to connect with the Fisher community by encouraging involvement with clubs and activities, wellness education, and leadership development.

“From Orientation to Commencement, we actively encourage students to try new things and challenge themselves as they grow during their college experience,” said Metzger.

This semester, the team is planning several capstone events, including the first-ever Fisher Snow Day, The Edge—a student leadership program, and weekly mindfulness and meditation activities with Weintraub.

“We’re very much focused on supporting students as we keep moving through the pandemic, and look forward to offering fun, safe programs to keep students engaged on campus, as well as an increased focus on programs related to stress relief,” said Metzger.

To learn more about the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion, follow the team on Instagram at @fisher_studentlife and @fisherhealth, email, or stop by the second floor of the Campus Center.

Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion Staff

Meet Amanda Metzger

As director of the office, Metzger oversees everything that happens on the team, and focuses specifically on planning Orientation and Commencement. She is the advisor to the Student Government Association, and this semester, will be focusing on leadership programming. “I love the energy students bring to what they are passionate about, especially during Orientation!”

Meet Mackenzie Sherwood

Joining Fisher in August 2019, Sherwood does it all. She supports and manages clubs, organizations, and their advisors. She also oversees campus programming, manages the Campus Center, advises a few student groups, and tackles whatever lands on her desk each day.

She says she loves Fisher’s small campus environment, which offers the ability to support and interact with students on a level that usually is not possible at a larger institution. “Being able to easily call on student input while we build and improve our processes, programs, and services really helps us make sure we are providing students what they need and including them in the process.”

Meet Jenna Weintraub

As the coordinator of wellness education, Weintraub gives students the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing.

“I have a pretty cool job where I can provide resources, harm reduction education, and programming about a wide range of health and wellness topics including alcohol and drugs, stress management, sexual health, healthy relationships, body image, and coping skills.”

Weintraub works with student leaders, like the Peer Support Team, to plan events, including Sex in the Dark and Body Respect Week, coming up the week of February 22.

Meet Jaimie Beard

Beard joined Fisher more than two years ago, and serves as the team’s office manager. She provides student and administrative support, and lends her creativity to the Office’s graphic and social media presence.

What does she love most about Fisher? “My team! Not only do we all get along great, but we are so supportive of each other and our ideas and so dedicated to the growth of the students. It’s really wonderful to be a part of such a caring, hardworking group of people.”