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NAMI to Host Mental Health Awareness Week

February 11, 2021

Beginning Monday, Feb. 22, Fisher’s National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) will host Mental Health Awareness Week in an effort to spread awareness about mental health on campus and to spark conversations with others about mental health.

The word mindfulness is written in cursive on a placard.

Throughout the week, NAMI members will be passing out different colored ribbons each day from 5-6 p.m. that symbolize mental health awareness. A teal and purple ribbon symbolizes suicide awareness, a blue ribbon is associated with depression, and a green ribbon is connected with anxiety and panic disorder.

“We all struggle in some form or another with our mental health at different points in our lives, so come grab a ribbon as a reminder to keep an eye on your mental health, talk to a friend about their mental health, and simply start the conversation,” said Dave Eichas, Fisher NAMI president. “I've personally seen the negative effects mental health can have on people close to me, so I want to do everything I can to spread awareness and help others understand their own mental health better.”

Eichas encourages students to hang these ribbons in their rooms as a reminder that they symbolize “hope in the midst of despair, light in the midst of darkness, and joy in the midst of sadness or grief.”

Throughout the semester, NAMI is present to support and advocate for students relating to their mental health in myriad ways. The club is currently working on implementing a podcast as an alternative to support group meetings to make it easier for students to be engaged with the club without having to show up at a particular time or place. They also adjust club plans for what best meets the needs of the students.

In addition, NAMI is partnering with SGA for another mental health craft event to spread awareness about mental health on campus, and is working on securing NAMI merchandise for students as well.

A student can get involved with NAMI by joining the club on FisherSync, and can also follow the club on Instagram at @sjfcnami.

This article as written by Emma Pyrak '21, the executive intern in the Office of Marketing and Communications.