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Future Film, TV, News Pros Gain Experience through Student-Run Media

April 1, 2021

Students interested in kick starting their career in the media and communication industry should join the two student-run clubs that are making waves and seeing success this semester.

The Cardinal Courier, a student-run news agency that investigates and reports high-quality news, and Cardinal Television (CTV), a student-run cable television network, are housed in the Department of Media and Communication. This year, both platforms have seen a marked increase in production, with Cardinal Courier steadily reporting on COVID-19, and CTV launching several new television programs.

Cardinal Courier is led by Kelsey Braun, editor-in-chief, and Madison Weber, social media editor. Courier alumna Olivia Lopez ’16, digital producer at WROC-TV, has returned to campus to serve as the faculty advisor. 

The Cardinal Courier has seen success this year publishing stories centered around the pandemic's impact on campus. Stories about new testing procedures, quarantine dorms on campus, virtual learning, and other related topics have helped students stay updated on the changing policies on campus and prepared for what is to come. 

“We like to publish stories that are relevant to the students at Fisher,” said Braun. “We aim to publish stories that ask or answer questions students may have about current events on campus.” 

In addition to writing articles on the pandemic, the Cardinal Courier has staff members that write features on all sorts of lifestyle topics including coffee shops to visit in Rochester, art and photography exhibits, and sports updates.

To add to their success, the Cardinal Courier recently launched a new app that updates readers on news stories that have just been published. The app is available through the app store and is accessible for Apple and Android products. 

Next year, the Cardinal Courier is expected to meet in-person in the Cardinal Courier newsroom and plans to expand the staff writers’ team. 

CTV is led by Cameron Fernandez, president, and Emily Passmore, secretary. Despite the setbacks of COVID-19, CTV is again up and running and eager to help students create and produce entertaining content and new shows.

“We are currently helping students produce their own shows and collaborating with other clubs,” said Fernandez. “We just want to get back to what CTV is all about--which is providing a platform for students to express themselves and satisfy their creative itch.”

Fernandez, along with several other students, are launching their own shows with the help of advisor Cecil Felton. CTV member Jake Riley recently launched “Jake’s Take,” a show that covers sports news and highlights. Fernandez's new show, “¿Que Pasa?,” spotlights students and faculty that are making a positive impact on the College community. 

“We have been looking for fresh, new influential people on campus to highlight, especially people of color,” says Fernandez. “¿Que Pasa? is just a new media platform at Fisher that really works to bring awareness to the exciting things that students and faculty bring to the table.”

For the show, Fernandez wants to collaborate with people of color on campus to show the community’s positive impact on the College. “¿Que Pasa?” is expected to air biweekly.

Along with new programming, CTV is returning with popular shows including “Fisher News Brief” and “For Your Entertainment.” Both shows are currently in production. 

Fernandez says that CTV is always on the lookout for students interested in getting involved in the club, where they can get valuable hands-on studio experience outside of the classroom. He adds that CTV also assists students on independent projects and is always open to fresh new ideas for future projects. 

“CTV is a great place to broadcast students' experiences and hone their production skills," he said.

This article was written by Riley Moscicki ’21, a PR Writing Intern with the Office of Marketing and Communications.