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The Man Behind the Curtain

March 26, 2021

For the past 15 years, Fisher’s Media Services Team Leader Matt Miller ’14 has been providing media support for the Teddi Dance, a role that took on a new level of significance in 2021.

A computer screen with a Zoom meeting in the foreground and students dancing distanced in the background

Miller became involved years ago because it was part of his job responsibilities, but he admits that he returns because he is excited by the challenge of improving the experience with each dance. This year’s Teddi Dance did not disappoint.

“The challenge was the uncertainty of everything,” he says. “How elaborate could we do this, where could we do this, and who could actually participate?”

From his backstage enclave, Miller managed dozens of elements, including a public Zoom to connect remote dancers, live messages from alumni and friends, remote Jazzercise sessions, and live DJing. He worked at the dance for a full 24 hours with the help of one cup of coffee, four Gatorades, half of a box of both Cheez-Its and Caramel DeLites Girl Scout cookies, and two blueberry donuts. Miller’s sister helped at home with his two daughters as his wife, a Fisher nursing grad, had back-to-back overnight shifts in the COVID ICU.

Miller credits the Teddi team with including him early in the planning process, as well as a recent Cleary Family Auditorium renovation, for being able to successfully streamline many of the media complexities.

For his countless hours of work, dedication, and commitment, Miller was honored by the committee with the Teddietta Award, which recognizes outstanding commitment to the event.