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Two Ceremonies Recognize Graduates of the School of Arts and Sciences

May 8, 2021

In her speech to members of the School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2021, graduate Mary Grace Shine reflected on the memory of officially matriculating at the College in the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Athletic Center Fieldhouse, remarking on how fitting it seemed to complete her journey in the same room four years later.

Mary Grace Shine offers words of encouragement to her fellow graduates.

“Our class came in as freshmen, like every other class before us, with expectations of what our experience would be like here. I am sure we all heard how we would grow in college, how it can be a scary but transformative experience … and what a transformative experience we have had together,” Shine said, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the class in innumerable ways.

Drawing on a quote from Pope Benedict XVI, she urged her classmates to leave their comfort zones and embrace greatness. “As we go forward from this part of our journey, in our new endeavors, we will inevitably be presented with choices that can lead us to either staying where we are—and remaining in a place of comfort—or choices that will lead us to something we may not feel qualified for—choices that can lead to greatness,” she said. “As we go forward, I want to remind you that any person in the world can doubt your abilities and question your knowledge, but God forbid that person be you. Believe in your ability for greatness, because you were made for it.”

New graduates of the School of Arts and Sciences show off their diplomas.

Shine was one of more than 300 School of Arts and Sciences graduates to receive a baccalaureate or master’s degree during two ceremonies held on Saturday, May 8.

At both ceremonies, Dr. Ann Marie Fallon, dean of the School, noted the challenging times under which the graduates completed their degree requirements. She noted that a liberal arts education cultivates the qualities and skills needed to ask hard questions, interrogate the world as we find it, and learn to connect with others on the path to creating a world we want to find.

“As wise humans who are commencing on an amazing almost unimaginable journey this weekend, it means you have the responsibility to carry the legacy of the past, the traditions of the liberal arts, the beauty of the human condition forward,” she told the graduates. “We hope we have given you adequate tools for this journey and that goodness, discipline, and knowledge continue to be your guiding lights.”

During the morning ceremony, Dr. Gerard J. Rooney, president of the College presented longtime professor Dr. Arlette Miller Smith with a President’s Medal in recognition of her vast contributions to the Fisher community.

During the morning ceremony, Dr. Gerard J. Rooney, president of the College presented longtime professor Dr. Arlette Miller Smith with a President’s Medal in recognition of her vast contributions to the Fisher community. Miller Smith retired from Fisher in spring 2020 after a more than 20-year career at the College. During her tenure at Fisher, Miller Smith taught and mentored hundreds of students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. She began in the dual position of creating formal diversity initiatives for the College while also serving as a half-time English professor. She was appointed dean of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Programs and in collaboration with Dr. Doug Howard, launched the African American Studies minor at Fisher. As a member of the faculty, she continually brought engaging, thought-provoking programming related to issues of social justice, racism, and equality to campus each year.

At the afternoon ceremony, Dr. Fernando Ontiveros, associate professor of biology, was given the Trustees’ Award for Distinguished Scholarly Achievement. The highest honor that the Board of Trustees can bestow on a faculty member, second only to an honorary degree, the award recognizes outstanding scholarly work. Since joining the Biology Department in 2012, Ontiveros has been awarded several grants to support research in the fields of bioengineering and microbiology. His work in microfluidics has led to the publication of three peer-reviewed papers, the filing of a provisional patent, and several invitations to present his work in the United States and México. Ontiveros—who has directed independent research with more than two dozen students at Fisher and collaborated with colleagues at the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Notre Dame—was selected by the Fulbright Specialist Program to be a roster member from 2018 to 2023.

As part of the Class of 2021 celebrations, the School also selected recipients of its annual academic awards, recognizing the following students for their accomplishments in and out of the classroom. The list includes reflections on each award winner from faculty:

Zelda Lyons Award: Mark Powers Walsh
The Zelda Lyons Award is awarded to an outstanding student in the humanities as a memorial to Miss Zelda Lyons, the first registrar of St. John Fisher College. Mark P. Walsh is the 2021 recipient of the Zelda Lyons Award. Mark fulfilled his passion for History through his studies (completing a major in the discipline), but also outside of the classroom, where he served for the past 4 years as an archive assistant for the College's Lavery Library. Mark’s deep knowledge of the past also informs his understanding of present times. He has published beautifully written works in several of St. John Fisher College's academic journals, including 3690- a journal compiling the best works of first-year students’ research, and The Review, a peer-reviewed journal featuring students’ scholarly research published by the Honors Program. In both articles, he analyzed, using a historical lens and the social scientific analytical tools of his second major in Political Science, the ideological roots of our divided partisan landscape.”

Joan Rowan Memorial Award: Andrews Boateng Appiagyei
“The Joan Rowan Memorial Award is bestowed upon a member of the senior class who demonstrates superiority in his or her studies and a commitment to a career in the health professions. In keeping with the care and concern shown by Dr. Rowan for everyone she encountered, this student is an active member of the community and displays a genuine interest in people. The Biology Department awards the Joan Rowan Memorial Award to Andrews Appiagyei for embodying this award through his commitment to serve others, his leadership on and off-campus, and his compassion for his community. His engagement with the Fisher community, the Greater Rochester community, and local community in Ghana has led him to bring the Fisher family together to fight racism on campus, share compassion and provide medical support to those in desperate need in Rochester, and contribute to impactful research on drug-resistant malaria affecting his local community.”

Citizen Scholar Award in Sociology: Kayla Christine Shutts and Kathleen Rita D'Alfonso
“Each year, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Public Health awards a Citizenship Scholar Award in Sociology in recognition of academic excellence and a demonstrated application of core sociological principles, values, tools, and knowledge. With a 4.0 GPA, Kathleen D’Alfonso is a double major in sociology and public health. After completing a strong academic performance and an outstanding senior thesis, Kathleen has been accepted into the graduate program at SUNY Buffalo where she will pursue her Ph.D. in Sociology. We wish her the very best as she begins this next chapter. With a 3.97 GPA, Kayla Shutts is graduating with a double major in sociology and American studies, after completing an outstanding academic performance at St. John Fisher College. We wish Kayla the very best as the begins her next chapter.”

Provost's Award for Best Paper: Kathryn Sierra Kelly
“The Provost’s Award for Best Paper is given to the author of the best paper published in The Review, the College’s undergraduate research journal, which is run by an editorial board of faculty and students in the Honors Program. Student submissions are evaluated on the quality of research, level of scholarly contribution, depth of analysis and insights offered, and attention to clarity and presentation. Kathryn Kelly wrote this year’s winning paper, ‘Shakespeare in the Wake of #BlackLivesMatter: Teaching the Bard and Exploring Racism,’ during a summer research fellowship at Fisher. In it she combines her two majors to confront the challenges of teaching Othello to middle and high school students today. Using a social justice framework, Kelly designs a curriculum based on recent scholarship and her own experiences in the classroom that “offers them the tools and knowledge to combat racism and white supremacy in their own communities.”

Honors Award for Contribution to the Academic Experience: Karli B. French
“This award is given to the graduating Honors Scholar who has contributed the most to the academic experience of other students at Fisher, in and beyond the Honors Program. Karli French has always been a model and a mentor to other Honors students. Her confidence and intellectual curiosity range far beyond her major and beyond the classroom walls. She has been particularly generous with freshmen and sophomores, helping them envision both excellence in their major and personal growth through Honors. She has already begun her career as a nurse, in which those same qualities will surely be highly valued.”

Marsherall Award for Academic Achievement: Alex William Wahl
“Tricia Potoki Marsherall ’11 offers this award to the Honors Scholar who has excelled in their studies at Fisher. This award does not always go to the student with the highest GPA, but this year’s winner, Alex Wahl, is exceptional. He is graduating early, and with a 4.0 average. Alex has always been focused and hardworking and, though he carried a heavy load of coursework, always cheerful. He is going to spend a year traveling the world before beginning his studies to become an orthodontist.”

2021 Sustainability Award: Christopher C. Coriddi
“Christopher Coriddi has more than earned the 2021 Sustainability Award. This award honors a student that has contributed to both the academic program and culture of sustainability on campus. Chris is a economics/sustainability double major with minors in biology and history. His academic performance in all of his programs is outstanding because he shows up ready expand his understanding of any topic, apply his broad knowledge to the discussion, and work hard to solve problems. In sustainability, his version of doing poorly is an “A-“ and he has gained experience above and beyond his peers through his work on campus and as a 2019 summer intern with Delaware North at Niagara State Park. His efforts have greatly benefited the campus through is work as a resident advisor, officer in the Sustainability Club, volunteer with Campus Ministries, and all-around contributor. As the 2020-2021 student director of the EcoReps program, he has helped to further develop the group’s peer-education efforts under very difficult circumstances. He has also shared his talents with the community through his efforts as a Service Scholar and his Sustainability Experience capstone project, along with an alternative spring break service trip with Campus Ministries and numerous other volunteer efforts. He is a sustainability leader that will surely make a difference.”

Clarence Amann Award: Valerie Rachel Morgans
“Valerie Morgans is the recipient of The Clarence Amann Award, which honors the best work of creative writing, for her creative non-fiction essay entitled, ‘Longest Distance, Hardest Fight.’ In this powerfully rendered essay, Morgans switches back and forth from a 10K run in the present moment to the day five years earlier when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Along the way, she shows us her will, her courage, and how she learned just what she is capable of in body and in spirit.”

Matthew Richards Prize: Morgan Celeste Bajish
“Morgan Bajish is the winner of The Matthew Richards Prize, which recognizes the best example of Literary or Rhetorical Criticism, for her essay, ‘Navigating Curriculum and Power as a Student.’ In this deft essay, Morgan details what happens when educators base their curricular and pedagogical strategies on ideological and experiential perspectives that can marginalize their students. She notes how students have to learn to challenge or subvert professors’ assumptions to re-claim their educational journey into a meaningful one for themselves.”

Award for Outstanding Senior Literature Capstone Paper: Emily Morgan Smith
“Emily Smith is the winner of the Outstanding Senior Literature Capstone Paper, for her essay, ‘Writing the Postmodern Coming of Age.’ In this essay Smith conveys how David Mitchell’s novel Number9Dream serves as a postmodern reconsideration of the coming-of-age narrative for the 21st century for a contemporary audience of adolescents who are negotiating their way through what she calls ‘a whole scope of modern, pop-culture, and technology-saturated experiences.’”

Award for Excellence in Film and Television Studies: Darin Scott Eakins
“The Film and Television Scholar Award honors a graduating senior who has maintained at least a 3.0 GPA overall in their coursework as well as in Film and Television Studies courses, and who has produced outstanding work in at least one FTVS course.”

Award for Excellence in Natural Sciences (Chemistry): Alexander James Cona (Chemistry) and Bradon McFerran (Physics)
“The St. John Fisher College Award for Excellence in Natural Sciences is awarded to a senior who has demonstrated superiority in the fields of chemistry or physics throughout their college study. This award is based on an assessment of the student’s likelihood of future distinction as a scientist and on evidence of scientific creativity in curricular and extracurricular work.

Alexander Cona has pursued his academic goals at SJFC with a paradoxical mix of optimism and pessimism; focus and distraction; curiousness and flippancy. Oddly enough, when these traits are combined with his clear intelligence and work ethic Alex produces consistently impressive work both in the classroom and at the research bench. While taking an average of 18 credits a semester, maintaining a 3.9 GPA, and conducting research (Science Scholar, TriBeta member, Summer Research Fellow) Alex has managed to complete his B.S. in Biochemistry in only 3 years. This achievement becomes more impressive when the various roadblocks of the pandemic are considered. With a summer of online computer modeling in COVID-19 lockdown, Alex proposed models of drug interaction with a critical enzyme in the fight against cancer. He is currently testing these hypotheses to determine a method of action, potentially leading to better drugs to combat a variety of cancers. Soon Alex will graduate with a B.S. in Biochemistry and engage in a career in research medicine. After a gap year to gain more research experience, Alex will be applying to MD/Ph.D. programs. It is his desire to continue his current research during his gap year and potentially into his MD/Ph.D. program.

Bradon McFerran has been an indispensable part of the physics program. He is an exceptional student completing a BS in physics with minors in mathematics and philosophy. In addition to his academic success, Bradon has worked on research projects and acted as an ambassador to physics for both new students and faculty. Bradon has served as the department’s lab and equipment manager for the past three years and in the past year found a new role as a lab/learning assistant assisting in the content delivery of the lecture course. He will be missed and fondly remembered by the physics department.”

Undergraduate Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry, sponsored by the American Chemical Society, Rochester Section: Trevor Jonah Smith
“The Chemistry Department at St. John Fisher College is pleased to present Trevor Smith with the ACS Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Chemistry. This award recognizes undergraduates for their academic achievement in chemistry as measured by GPA, participation in research and other scholarly work, and service to the chemistry department. Trevor is a chemistry major with a minor in mathematics and a recipient of a Science Scholar’s scholarship, one of the two tiers of Fisher’s merit scholarships. Currently, he has a cumulative GPA OF 3.93. Over the past three years, Trevor has completed two research projects in the area of analytical chemistry with Dr. Irene Kimaru. One of the projects focused on the determination of the nutritional value of tiger nuts, a superfood not so famed and enjoyed as cashews and pistachios. For his second project, Trevor worked on developing and validating a HPLC method for quantifying insulin. He has presented his research at various conferences including the 2021 ACS Spring Virtual Meeting. As a chemistry major, Trevor has actively participated in the department as a lab prep assistant and more recently as a teaching assistant for organic chemistry labs due to the current COVID 19 social distancing requirements for our undergraduate labs. Trevor is looking to work in the industry in Research and Development. He has applied for a number of positions and received one job offer.”

Kate Gleason Award in Women and Gender Studies: Brianna Marie Hand
“The Kate Gleason Award goes to a graduating senior in the Women and Gender Studies program whose service to the campus and whose coursework demonstrates the power and promise of gender studies work. This year’s recipient, Brianna Hand, has done outstanding community service projects, participated in campus clubs that feature social justice issues, and has played a key role in strengthening diversity programming on campus.”

Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler Award for Women and Gender Studies Scholarship: Morgan Celeste Bajish
“The Deirdre McKiernan Hetzler Award for Women and Gender Studies Scholarship is given to a graduating senior for an essay from any academic discipline that provides a provocative and thoughtful analysis of gender. This year’s recipient, Morgan Bajish, wrote a compelling paper on gender in the criminal justice system titled ‘Pregnant Inmates are Receiving Inadequate Health Care’ for Dr. Katie Donovan’s Race, Crime, and Politics course in Political Science.”

Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages: Molly Lynne Taylor
Molly Taylor is the winner of the Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages. Molly is graduating with a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Spanish. Throughout the past four years, she was a member of the Women’s Volleyball team, participated in the college’s Summer Fellows Research Program, studied abroad in Spain, and she will graduate having completed the Psychology Department Honors Program. While at Fisher, she found her passion for psychological research, specifically related to academic motivation. Following graduation, she will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University to earn her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures wishes Molly all the best. ¡Felicitaciones, Molly!”

Award for Academic Achievement in Psychology: Emma Elizabeth Annechino
“This award is given for exceptional performance in the classroom and is awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the highest level of academic performance in psychology. Emma Annechino has a 3.97 GPA. Emma achieved this GPA in a difficult major because of her strong work ethic and high level of motivation. Some things that our faculty say are that when pushed to learn new concepts, she is able to master the material all despite any apprehension she has at first. She does an outstanding job of leading class discussions even with classic and challenging studies. Her ability to integrate and synthesize material is outstanding, and is able to give a very interesting and professional presentation about the material. She has strong analytical, problem solving, and time management with attention to detail in her work. And she accomplishes all this while always remaining cheerful.”

Award for Academic Achievement in Psychology: Molly Lynne Taylor
“Academic Achievement Award: This award is given for exceptional performance in the classroom and is awarded to the graduating senior who has demonstrated the highest level of academic performance in psychology. In addition to Molly’s research accomplishments, she has a 4.0 GPA!”

Award for Academic Engagement in Psychology: Emily Anne Moore
“Award for Academic Engagement: This award is given to the student who is most broadly involved in psychology. This breadth of involvement has been demonstrated by academic performance and involvement in research, in Psychology Alliance, and in varied field placements. Emily Moore was incredibly active in our department. She served as a laboratory assistant for years, and was our lead assistant at the end. Emily served as a Summer Research Fellow in 2020, and this became an independent study in Fall 2020. Emily continues to work with Dr. Goodman even after graduating, which should soon be submitted to a professional journal. She presented at the SJFC Student Research Symposium and with Dr. Goodman submitted an abstract for presentation at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in November. So in addition to her various academic accomplishments, she has been instrumental in driving forward some interesting professional research! Dr. Goodman states that she is ‘really grateful to have such a diligent collaborator.’”

Award for Scholarly Activity in Psychology: Molly Lynne Taylor
“Award for Commitment to Scholarly Activity: This award is given to the student who is most committed to research in the field of psychology and has demonstrated an interest and involvement in research in psychology above and beyond the requirements for the major. Molly’s research has been exemplary. She was a 2020 Summer Research Fellow via Center for Student Research & Creative Work. In addition, she has completed our departmental honors research where she studied goal setting as a self-regulatory strategy. She has accomplished this because she Demonstrates genuine curiosity and drive for learning, is a natural leader who has the ability set a positive tone in the classroom, and continually has a desire to expand the boundaries of what she’s capable of. She is a true lifelong learner.”

Boris D. Rakover Memorial Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Computer Science: Timothy Daniel Keenan and Rachael Kristy Osterhoudt
“The Boris David Rakover Memorial Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Computer Science honors the memory of Dr. Rakover, whose work came to an early end when he died of cancer at the age of 59. Dr. Rakover was a refugee from the oppression of the former Soviet Union and was a distinguished professor of mathematics at the Pedagogical University in Chisinau, Moldova. As professor St. John Fisher College, he won the award as best teacher and was a beloved colleague and mentor. The award recognizes a student’s potential for future distinction as a mathematician or computer scientist and recognizes creativity in the field through curricular and extracurricular work. This year’s award is bestowed upon two students. Rachael Osterhoudt is a mathematics major, focusing on preparation to become an actuary. She is a natural problem solver, quick to see connections and ways of applying ideas from past work to new challenges, and she has developed into an excellent mathematical communicator, presenting her work in a way that other people can understand her thinking, both orally and in writing. As a tutor in the Math Center, she has distinguished herself as one of the most reliable, dependable people you will ever meet. Her fastidiousness with details and organizational skills have been a boon to her work there. Timothy Keenan is a computer science major, standing out as one of the best students the department has ever seen. He has all the qualities that make a good computer scientist; he’s inquisitive, self-motivated, and determined to finish the task. His academic work is superb, and he is always fully engaged, even when participating online. Most importantly, he is quick to comment on a solution to a problem or offer next steps in solving it. And in reviewing the work of his peers, he provides the most positive and helpful suggestions of anyone in the class. He demonstrates all of the qualities exemplified by this award.”

Award for Excellence in Sport Studies: Ryan C. Eddy
“Ryan Eddy, this year’s recipient of the Academic Achievement Award in Sport Management, is the first winner in program history who has completed his/her program of study with a cumulative GPA of 4.0. Beyond his classroom prowess, Ryan has worked in gameday production for the Rochester Knighthawks lacrosse team and Amsterdam Mohawks baseball team while also supporting the retail operations for the Rochester Americans and Knighthawks and Dick’s Sporting Goods. A huge soccer fan, Ryan plans to return to Fisher in the fall semester to enroll in the first cohort in the Master in Sport Management program while working to build out its partner franchise, Flower City Union, preparing for its inaugural season.”

Award for Excellence in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Dylan Michael Burgio
“The Award for Excellence in Criminology and Criminal Justice is awarded annually to the graduating senior who has demonstrated superior efforts in the classroom, recognized contributions in his field placements, and a clear commitment to pursue future constructive work in the criminal justice system. While at St John Fisher College Dylan Burgio has been the embodiment of these attributes. Dylan has excelled in his courses, compiling a GPA of 3.80, and recently completed an internship with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. In March, Dylan was offered a position to serve as a Deputy with the Monroe County Jail. We wish Dylan the best, and know Dylan will continue to excel moving forward in his professional career.”

Award for Excellence in Legal Studies: Madelyn Elizabeth Hepp and Joseph P. Marchese
“The co-recipients of the 2021 award for excellence in Legal Studies are Maddy Hepp and Joe Marchese. Maddy was the first student to complete the Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP) at St John Fisher, with a major in Legal Studies and a minor in French, and has just finished her first year at Syracuse University School of Law. Joe, who has also completed his curriculum at Fisher in three years, with a double major in Legal Studies and Political Science, will soon join Maddy at Syracuse University School of Law. Both have shown extraordinary intellectual abilities, superior leadership skills, and a constant willingness to challenge themselves through active participation in departmental programs (such as mock trial competitions, the pre-law association leadership, or our European Union simulation). May they find in their professional career the same level of success as a famous 1968 graduate of Syracuse University School of Law.”

Stefan Maczynski Award: Avery Ann Ryan and Morgan Celeste Bajish
“The Stefan Maczynski Award is bestowed upon a political science student whose record exemplifies commitment to academic excellence and humane values. The 2021 co-recipients of the Stefan Maczynski Award are Morgan Bajish and Avery Ryan. Morgan and Avery have not only excelled in the discipline but their dedication to environmental protection (leading lobbying efforts to promote our institution’s endorsement of a carbon fee and dividend), racial justice (organizing a student-led procession against racial violence), and support to their community (respectively tutoring for the Rochester City School District and the political science department) exemplifies the true spirit of Dr. Maczynski who, throughout his life, used his exceptional intellectual abilities in the interest of justice.”

Robert G. Miller, CSB, Award in Philosophy and Classical Studies: Craig Aubert Eichas
“The Rev. Robert G. Miller, C.S.B. Award in Philosophy and Classical Studies, established in memory of the former Chair of the St. John Fisher College Department of Philosophy, is awarded to a senior who has shown outstanding academic proficiency in the field of philosophy and classical studies. Craig Eichas is a philosophy major and legal studies minor. He is a recipient of the Walter B.D. & Elizabeth J. Hickey Memorial Scholarship, and has been on the Dean’s list every semester. Craig is an avid golfer, and gave a presentation on “Golf and Philosophy” at the 5th Annual Student Research and Creative Work Symposium. Appropriately, he is currently employed at the Golf Service Center at the Oak Hill Country Club. Craig has done outstanding work in all his philosophy courses and the department is delighted to bestow this honor upon him.”

Award for Excellence in American Studies: Kayla Christine Shutts
“The American Studies Award goes to the Senior with the highest GPA. This year’s award winner is Kayla Shutts. Kayla graduates from Fisher with a dual degree in American Studies and Sociology. She has been a Peer Mentor in Sustained Dialogue, a writing tutor, a Student Ambassador, and a member of the women’s soccer team. During her time at Fisher, Kayla presented scholarship at the Feminist Pragmatist conference. Kayla is currently seeking a graduate degree in social work and law at the University of Buffalo - in her hometown. She is working as a youth care professional at Gateway Longview, a residential facility for youth who face difficult life experiences.”

Award for Excellence in Biology: Cheyenne Ernst
“The St. John Fisher College Award for Excellence in Biology is awarded to that member of the senior class who has demonstrated superiority in the area of Biology throughout his or her college study. This award is based on an assessment of the student’s high level of commitment to both curricular and extracurricular work that demonstrates intellectual curiosity, a passion for science, and great potential for future success. Cheyenne Ernst is this year’s recipient of the Biology Award. The Biology Department recognizes Cheyenne for her exceptional and exemplary contributions to the department in her numerous leadership roles including the Biology Honors Society, Biology and Chemistry Learning Assistant, and one of the primary Biology and Chemistry tutors throughout her academic career at Fisher. Cheyenne’s passion for science and intellectual curiosity has enabled her to complete an impressive academic career and carryout outstanding research, while also providing support, guidance, and compassion to so many Fisher science students.”

Award for Excellence in Economics: Jacob Alan Vinch
“This year’s recipient, Mr. Jacob Vinch, is a Merit Scholar and part of the Honors Program at St. John Fisher College. He is also the Philip and Margaret Dollard Business Scholar and serves as a Peer Mentor. He has minors in Mathematics and in Finance, and is a member of the Investment Club. He is an excellent student and earned the highest GPA of a very talented cohort of economics majors.

Jake further distinguished himself by seeking out a summer research opportunity with Dr. Ben J. Niu, where he compiled a contemporary dataset and examined the factors that influenced the enactment of state-wide stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. He was then able to present his research findings last October at the New York State Economics Association (Virtual) Annual Conference.

Currently, Jake is considering positions in Economics and Data Analysis in Western NY and the DC area. With his skills, work ethic, and (like all his econ mentors) dazzling personality, we are confident that he will go far.”

John A. Murray Award in History: Kevin Daniel Halsteter
“The John A. Murray Senior History Award recognizes the senior who has demonstrated excellence n the study of history. This year's recipient is Kevin Halsteter who has consistently excelled in his course work, majoring in History and Adolescent Inclusive Education, and will be passing his knowledge and skills along as a teacher. His maturity, reflection and a mastery of the subject matter in his courses added to the classroom environment.”

James S. Doyle Memorial Award for Excellence in Experiential Learning: Colin Spencer Witman
“Colin Witman is this year's recipient of the James S. Doyle Award for excellence in experiential history. Mr. Witman, a History major and International Studies minor, has demonstrated a commitment to global understanding and community engaged learning. These traits, combined with his active engagement in class discussion, have significantly enriched the Fisher campus.”

James Seward Senior Award for Excellence in Media and Communication: Evan Francis Clark
“Evan Clark is the recipient of the James Seward Senior Award for Excellence in Media and Communication, named after Professor Seward, a beloved faculty member who was a member of the department from 1983 to 2011. The award represents his commitment to academic excellence and is given to the graduate in the department with the highest GPA. Evan is a transfer student and his associate degrees are in music performance and music recording. A recent recipient of the Rochester Area Colleges Continuing Education (RACCE) Outstanding Adult Student Award, he interned last fall at Climate Solutions Accelerator. He was the lead guitarist in the band, Alberto Alaska, and is currently the lead guitarist in Old Flame. With interests in video production and public relations, he plans to relocate to Los Angeles after graduation to pursue a career combining his many talents.”

Award for Excellence in Media Management: Riley Elizabeth Moscicki
“Riley Moscicki is the recipient of the Media Management Award. Riley is an outstanding student and leader who actively sought out opportunities to advance her knowledge and skills in public relations and advertising during her time at Fisher. On campus, she has served in leadership positions in The PRIMA Group and PRSSA, and has served as the public relations writing intern for the Office of Marketing and Communications. Riley’s relentless curiosity led her to explore an education that extends beyond the classroom. She has participated in PR Council’s Agency Ready Certificate Program, the WPP NextGen Leader Program, Landor’s Next Generation of Brand Transformers Program, Ogilvy’s Agency Ready Diversity Workshops and more. She is also a recent LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship recipient, which is given to only 30 students nationally. After graduation, she will begin a prestigious fellowship with the American Association of Advertising Agencies Foundation (4 A’s Foundation) Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP), a 22-week talent development program for communications students of color.”

Barbara F. Wheeler-Schneider Award: Gabriella Elizabeth Garcy
“Gabby Garcy is the recipient of the The Barbara F. Wheeler-Schneider Award. Gabby has consistently demonstrated kindness and a deep commitment to both the department of Media and Communication and to the welfare of others. Her strong work ethic, boundless energy, and effective communication skills have enabled her to excel at teamwork, mentorship and in client work. She has been a dedicated member of The PRIMA Group, and has served as Account Executive for clients including FairPour Coffee Roasters, Fisher Giving Day, and Balanced Excellence. She has been a student ambassador, student phonathon manager, and a member of the Teddi Dance for Love Committee. She has also worked with the Office of Marketing and Communications as a social media intern, creating content for the College’s Instagram stories, and currently works for Freshman Admissions.”

Keough Founding Editors’ Award: Erin Elizabeth Reilly
“Erin Reilly is the recipient of The Keough Founding Editors' Award, named after the fifth President of the college who was instrumental in helping to establish The Cardinal Courier. Erin is not only an exceptional writer, but used her storytelling skills to be a voice for the student body of St. John Fisher College at a time when information was crucial. During a global pandemic, civil unrest in the City of Rochester, and a presidential election, Erin was determined to tell the stories of the students and how these events impacted the student body. From writing about the on campus rally in protest of the death of Daniel Prude in Rochester, to the breaking news of the school transitioning online mid semester, to creating a voter guide for the Fisher student body during the election season, Erin is deserving of an award that recognizes her skills as a reporter and as Editor-in-chief of the Cardinal Courier. Her leadership raised the standard of reporting within the Courier and brought in-depth reporting to the students of Fisher.”