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Cardinals Embrace Latiné!

March 16, 2022

St. John Fisher College’s Latino Student Union (LSU) has changed their name to Latiné Student Union after a series of discussions on the subject.

Fisher students at an LSU meeting.

The motivation for this change was to be more widely inclusive to all Latiné students on campus. “For those who are non-binary, the terms Latino or Latina don’t feel appropriate since it is often times associated with a certain gender,” said Joanays Gonzalez, president of LSU. “As we become more aware of non-binary identities, these semantic changes can make a difference.” 

Gonzalez said this decision came from careful thought among LSU leaders and members. After multiple conversations had brought the term to the forefront, the club decided to vote on the change. Before voting, Gonzalez said presentations were given on both terms and their individual meanings.

LSU Program Coordinator Jaenid Ayala explained to members of the club that while some may be familiar with other gender-neutral terms, such as Latinx, the terms would be Latinx and Latiné pronounced the same way, Latiné is more easily understood by readers.

LSU leaders hope that campus will welcome this change and use the term in their speech. “As an affinity group on campus we never want to make anyone feel like our doors are not open to them,” Gonzalez added.

Those wanting to support or join the Latiné Student Union can watch for the below upcoming events and follow LSU on the Cardinal Hub.

March 23: Femicide in Mexico Documentary & Discussion in Basil 135 at 7 p.m.

April 4: Meet Our New Eboard! 

April 13: LSU Hosts Cardinal Conversation

April 18: LSU Senior Night!

This article was written by Marcus Lindenburg ’23, an English major, who is a PR writing intern with the Office of Marketing and Communications.