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Countdown to Commencement 2022: Kaylee Greene

March 21, 2022

Inclusive adolescence education major Kaylee Greene is the next member of the Class of 2022 to be featured in the “Countdown to Commencement” series. Greene was nominated by Dr. Katrina Arndt, a professor in the program.

The Boonville, New York, native is a First-Generation scholar and Honors student. In her sophomore year, Greene was the head of technology for the “SJFC Take a Leap” program put on by the Honors Program. She was also the president of the Physics Club and is currently the learning assistant in a PHYS141 (General Physics Workshop I) class. She answers student questions, assists students in the lab and with homework, helps students make up labs outside of class, and sets up labs for the next class.

In her nomination, Arndt said that she first met Greene during her sophomore year in class. She goes on to say that Greene has impacted her teaching by raising the bar for what to expect from students, and that she consistently completes outstanding work.

“As a woman preparing to be a science teacher and a student in the physics department, she is a visible face of women in science,” says Arndt. “In teacher preparation for teaching junior and high school, she again represents women in the sciences - and she does so very well.”

Arndt predicts in the future that Greene will be an outstanding physics teacher. Her hope is that after an illustrious career in the classroom, she pursues building or district leader opportunities. “I will always remember Kaylee's calm and practical attitude and her dedication to her coursework.