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College Community Comes Together to Host Vaccine Booster Clinic

January 14, 2022

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, nearly 50 members of the campus community, came together to provide a booster clinic to students, faculty, and staff. Faculty from the Wegmans School of Pharmacy and Wegmans School of Nursing, along with pharmacy students, administered the shots and in just three hours, an additional 224 faculty, staff, and students were boosted.

Members of the Wegmans School of Pharmacy administer COVID vaccines to students and employees.

Dr. Keith DelMonte, associate professor and director of experiential education, helped lead the clinic, and worked with the Monroe County Department of Public Health to obtain the booster doses. He also serves as a member of the Monroe County Medical Reserve Corps, and teaches a Medical Reserves Corp elective to both campus and online pathway pharmacy students. The class learns disaster and pandemic preparedness, including how to run large scale clinics to provide urgent vaccinations or other medications, and some of his students were able to get hands-on experience.

“I am very proud of how the Fisher community worked together including students, staff, and faculty to provide a booster clinic. Our goal was to be efficient without sacrificing accuracy or safety to provide the required booster vaccination,” he said. “This clinic proved that Fisher has the capabilities and resources to be a closed or open POD (point of dispensing) clinic for Monroe County for future consideration in times of disaster or medical situations. I also believe that our clinic is a direct result of the amazing partnership St. John Fisher College has with the Monroe County Department of Public Health.”

Special thanks, once again, to all of the faculty, staff, and students who helped including: Kenny Bailey, Andi Balland, Alyssa Beyer, Joe Blackburn, Dr. Melissa Bourne, Dr. Todd Camenisch, Dr. Caroline Critchlow, Andrea DiGiorgio, Crystal Dobri, Dr. Marilyn Dollinger, Maria Dutcher, Myya Dyes, Scott Fitch, Meg Flaherty, Anthony Giannetti, Melody Kuzniar-Giglio, Brock Glann, Chad Goulette, Jen Granger, Dave Herbert, Monica Keaton, Becky Kieffer, Lyndee Knowlton, Eugene Lazurenko, Kathy Leone, Dr. Janet Lighthouse, Wayne Machamer, Lauren Mann, Carolyn Martin, Eddie Mijkovic, Kristen Millerd, Makenna Moll, Lorenzo Morrison and the Facilities Team, Karen Parker, Dr. Lisa Phillips, Zuzanna Pociecha, Russ Reynolds, Katie Rowles, Dr. Ramil Sapinoro, Alisa Shackleton, Anastasia Soroka, Dr. Lorie Stannard, Steve Vaughn, Bob Ward, and Alicia Zimmer.