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Teddi 40 to Honor Cousin of Teddi Committee Member

February 7, 2022

This February, when the Teddi dancers hit the floor for the 40th annual event, they will remember a special little boy whose presence will no doubt fill up the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Athletic Center.

This year's Teddi Dance will be dedicated to Landon Coia, cousin of Fisher student and committee captain, Emma Cottrell.

Landon August Coia grew up in Greece with his mom, dad, sister, and “furry best friend,” Buster. In his first few months of life in 2018, he was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma. Throughout his short life, he relapsed twice, succumbing to the disease on November 24, 2021 at the tender age of 3. His cousin, Fisher student and Teddi Development Committee Captain Emma Cottrell, said that he did not let his cancer define him - a wise outlook for such a young boy.

“Up until the last few weeks of his life, Landon was a typical little boy. He was so energetic, naughty, and goofy, doing whatever he could to make you laugh. He especially loved to make his sister Lena laugh, as one could argue she was his world - right next to his dog Buster,” she said. “Lena and Landon were the best duo and loved each other more than words can describe. Landon loved to mimic everything Lena did and drive her crazy, just like a little brother should.”

A small tidbit about Landon - his favorite thing to eat were Tim Horton’s Timbits.

Cottrell shared that his favorite movie was Cars, and that he also loved anything to do with dogs or dinosaurs. He loved to ride his bike, go on family walks, play with his toy cars, have dance parties with Lena, and watch the Buffalo Bills. A small tidbit about Landon - his favorite thing to eat were Tim Horton’s Timbits.

When in the hospital, Landon loved his nurses at Golisano Children’s Hospital and was often seen squirting them with syringes full of water or having nerf gun wars.

“You truly would never know that Landon had cancer, and that’s how it should be. Children deserve to have a childhood full of laughs, memories, and fun. Landon did, and Camp Good Days and Special Times makes sure that happens for children all around the world like Landon,” said Cottrell.

Landson with his big sister, Lena.

While Landon was never old enough to attend summer camp, he and the family still took advantage of the events that Camp had to offer locally. Cottrell said that though Landon is no longer here, the family will stay involved with Camp.

“At Camp Good Days, everyone in the family has a place. Landon had the opportunity to run around with his sister and other children, and play until they couldn’t keep their eyes open anymore. All together, the children could have a sense of normalcy and know that they were not alone,” she said. “Landon was too young to say it, but I know that he had the most fun when playing and being a kid. Landon will forever be in our hearts and it is such an honor that he is recognized as the Honorary Camper for the 40th annual Teddi Dance for Love.”