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8 Reasons to Apply to Be an Executive Intern

January 20, 2023

The Executive Internship Program was established in 2016 and is designed for juniors and seniors interested in higher education and understanding executive leadership in a collegiate setting.

Members of the 2022-2023 Executive Intern cohort.

Students participating in the Executive Internship Program have the opportunity to work under a member of senior staff at the University. Interns learn about higher education operations from a faculty perspective on top of their individual student experiences. The internship, which started under President Rooney’s leadership, is a professional, on-campus, and year-long experience in one of the following areas: Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Division of Financial Affairs, Division of Enrollment Management, Division of Student Affairs, Division of Institutional Advancement, Office of Marketing and Communications, and Intercollegiate Athletics.

Fisher News Highlights sat down with the current cohort of executive interns to learn why they believe students should apply for the program! 

8 Reasons to Apply

1. “It offers interns more experience in a professional atmosphere,” said Sophia Burt ’23, Office of the Provost. 

2. “This program provides students with the opportunity to explore a career path in a supportive environment of executives, faculty, and your fellow peers,” said Zoë Haines ’23, Division of Enrollment Management. 

3. “Students will learn how decisions are made and the way strategies are developed within a large organization and it is extremely insightful. This is the type of experience that is very beneficial for learning how to lead effective teams,” said Nate Lewis ’24, Division of Financial Affairs.

4. “The ability to learn more about the operations and inner workings of higher education and the opportunities to learn from executives is very exciting,” said Gabrielle Papale ’23, Division of Institutional Advancement. 

5. “Interns have the experience of learning aspects of the University not commonly shared with students creating a greater sense of the behind-the-scenes aspects of running an institution/non-profit organization. You get to experience a variety of opportunities and are able to build better professional skills,” said Joseph Ruggiero ’23, Intercollegiate Athletics. 

6. “Interns are welcome from all majors at the University making this a truly collaborative environment. It invites different perspectives based on previous professional experiences and coursework,” said Nicole Smith ’23, Office of Marketing and Communications. 

7. “This position offers the opportunity for real-world application–connecting classroom experiences and concepts to a professional setting,” said Caleb Thomas ’23, Office of the President. 

8. “Being an executive intern equips students with the ability to gain hands-on professional experience in the inner workings of the University. As well as offering opportunities in collaboration and learning from your peers and supervisors,” said Madeline Woods ’23, Division of Student Affairs. 

The current executive intern cohort will be in the Donald E. Bain Campus Center from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 24, for a Meet the Executive Interns session. All students are encouraged to stop by to learn more about the program. Applications for the next cohort of executive interns will open in March 2023 on Handshake.