Cardinal Awards Celebrate Student Engagement on Campus

April 17, 2023

On Sunday, April 16, the Student Government Association (SGA) rolled out the red carpet to celebrate a year of active clubs and organizations, creative events, and students who contributed to the overall campus culture at St. John Fisher University.

This year's SGA executive board at the Cardinal Awards.

During the ceremony, SGA President Ian Klenk recapped a year full of accomplishments in the classroom and through the work of student clubs and organizations.

“Beyond the SGA, this campus has seen an explosion of activity, and it’s because of you,” he told the guests. “Your unwavering dedication to improving the student experience, fostering a strong sense of community, and organizing amazing events has not gone unnoticed and there are so many great examples of this.”

President Rooney also offered remarks.

“On nights like tonight we realize what a uniquely talented, gifted, and dedicated community we are. In the wake of COVID, we were reminded of the value of being together because we were forced to be apart – so as we came back to campus, it was really crucial to have strong student leadership and engagement to reshape our community,” he said. “Our campus is only as strong as you help to make it – and our student leaders have done a great job of keeping us moving forward, of keeping your peers involved, of representing the interests of those you were elected to serve, and of making Fisher the great community that it is.”

Winners of this year’s awards include:

  • First Year of the Year: Brooke Chase
  • Sophomore of the Year: Jenna Hoffman, Jude Aman
  • Junior of the Year: Mia Donohue
  • Senior of the Year: Ben Bilinski and Katelin Keenehan
  • Student Leader of the Year: Allie Klonowski
  • Fisher Dining Services Employee of the Year: Miranda
  • Faculty of the Year: Dr. Ricky Price
  • Staff of the Year: Laura Fitzgerald
  • Club of the Year: Muslim Student Association
  • Most Improved Club: Residence Hall Association
  • Event of the Year: Super Bowl Party hosted by Student Government Association, Student Activities Board, and the Sport Management Club
  • Athlete of the Year: Connor Williams (men’s basketball)
  • Coach of the Year: Steve Psaila (men’s and women’s tennis team)
  • Most Fisher Spirit: Gavin Miller
  • Best Drip of the Year: Angie Smith
  • Coolest Research of the Year: Alec Wankel and Nicole Conciardo 
  • Goodest Boy: Maverick, Alliance of Therapy Dogs
  • Best Warm-up Playlist: Men’s Tennis Team
  • Best Office of the Year: Office of Student Engagement and Leadership
  • Activist of the Year: Madison Weber
  • Most Artistic: Rhianna Nasal
  • New Club of the Year: Athlete to Athlete

The Cardinal Awards were made possible with the help of the Class Representatives Committee, which is comprised of the senate members associated with each graduating class and Tiffany Nicholas, assistant director of student leadership and engagement.