Sport Management Goes International

March 28, 2023

Students and faculty from the Sport Management course International Cultures and Sport recently had the opportunity to broaden their horizons by embarking on a trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. The group visited several professional sports facilities located in Ireland, Scotland, and England, gaining valuable insights into the operations of some of the world’s most famous and successful sports clubs.

Sport Management students visit Manchester City stadium.

For students in the major, the international trip was a welcome change of pace from the usual focus on sports within the United States. Junior Hannah Mazzuca mentioned that not only did the trip offer the chance to earn course credit toward her degree, but it also allowed her to witness firsthand the inner workings of sports programs not often featured in the United States.

The trip also had a profound impact on the students' academic and professional aspirations. Mazzuca said that for some students, herself included, this was the first time they were able to learn about and truly engage with international sports, which broadened their knowledge about the sports industry. They were able to attend games and learn how to play different sports, gaining a more well-rounded understanding of sports beyond the U.S.-focused perspective of their major.

During the trip, students were able to visit a range of facilities, including Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium, Manchester City Football Club, and Old Trafford Cricket Grounds, home of Lancashire County Cricket Club. At each site, the group gained a deeper understanding of the history and culture surrounding each team.

This immersive experience was not only educational, but also transformative for many students. With their perspectives broadened, they returned home with a newfound appreciation for the diversity and complexity of sports culture globally. Students were able to connect with locals and hear stories about their lives, and even more importantly, build lasting bonds with their classmates that were unlike anything they had experienced before. “I think that the most meaningful part of the trip is the relationships I built while I was abroad,” said Mazzuca. “This trip has allowed me to connect with people that I would have never met if we weren’t in class together. My classmates have become some of my best friends and we have a bond that is unlike anything I have experienced so far at Fisher.”

The trip also allowed students to network with sports professionals from three different countries across various sports and facilities, creating opportunities for potential future internships or employment.  Because the range of sports overseas is so different than in the U.S., many students said they found themselves considering working with international sport organizations post-graduation, as it would provide valuable experience and greatly expand their career options.

This article was written by Tyler Cole ’23, a cybersecurity major and PR Writing Intern in the Office of Marketing and Communications.