Cardinals in Awardland

April 23, 2024

This year, the Student Government Association’s Cardinal Awards had a touch of wonder, as the annual celebration embraced the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Members of the Student Government Association at the 2024 Cardinal Awards.

Members of SGA, led by Vice President Maddie Bowen, brought a touch of magic to every treat and decoration.

“The Cardinal Awards are an annual event to celebrate all of the hard work our students, faculty, staff, and administration have put in throughout the year,” Bowen said while delivering remarks at the ceremony. “This year, we hope to continue this tradition, as we bestow 22 awards to some of Fisher’s finest!”

The 2024 awards program introduced two new awards and the reveal of Cardinal’s official new name.

The inaugural Dr. Rob Ruehl Memorial CCE Award and Dr. Marlowe V.N. Washington Impact Award highlight two Fisher employees who made and continue to make change on our campus. The recipients of each award, Sarah Biazon and Sara Casale, respectively, were honored for embodying the characteristics and values of Ruehl and Washington.

And everyone’s favorite mascot, Cardinal, was named “Beaks,” a cute name and clever pun that will bring pride to the University.

2024 Cardinal Award Recipients:

  • Dog of the Year- Gator
  • First-Year of the Year- Ryan Rothberg
  • Sophomore of the Year- Cody Luckey
  • Junior of the Year- Andrew Ortolani
  • Senior of the Year- Emily Sullivan
  • Fisher Dining Employee of the Year- MJ
  • Faculty of the Year- Dr. Jenna Rossi
  • Staff Member of the Year- Tiffany Nicholas
  • Department of the Year- Housekeeping
  • Student Success Program of the Year- TRIO Student Support Services
  • New Club of the Year- Club Basketball
  • Club of the Year- Fisher Gaming Club
  • Club Advisor of the Year- Dr. Zachary Murphy (Club Basketball and Baseball)
  • Event of the Year- BSU Public Market
  • Collaboration of the Year- ASU & MSA Global Footprints
  • SJF Club Athlete of the Year- Brandon Makowski
  • SJF DIII Athlete of the Year- Claire Kruszka
  • Coach of the Year- Grant Stokoe
  • Rob Ruehl Memorial CCE Award- Sarah Biazon
  • Research of the Year- Paige Denman
  • R.T. Award for Arts & Refined Talents- Josephine Porter
  • Marlowe V.N. Washington Impact Award- Sara Casale