Countdown to Commencement: Bella Giannicchi

April 22, 2024

The next student to be featured in our “Countdown to Commencement” series is Bella Giannicchi, a nursing student. Giannicchi was nominated by Sarah Mancini-Goebert, assistant director of campus ministry.

Giannicchi has a passion for helping others, excels in the classroom, and is an influential figure in Campus Ministry. She is an active member of the peer ministry leadership team, the All-University Choir, Music Ministry, and Dance Club. Additionally, she has attended the annual campus ministry service trip, participated in shows with Cardinal Company, and serves as a resident assistant.

“Throughout her time here, Bella has always been involved in campus ministry through her participation and leadership in music ministry, as well as her role in organizing and implementing service project opportunities on- and off-campus,” said Mancini-Goebert. “Her work on the service projects and her attendance on our service trips have positively impacted hundreds of people in the Greater Rochester area.”

Described as a reliable student, Giannicchi leads with a generous heart. “She follows through with every request and task thrown her way. She is kind, friendly, and fun. I know that whenever there is a special event or opportunity for music, she will do everything she can to support it. She has a beautiful voice and shares it willingly, always rising to every challenge,” said Mancini-Goebert. “I will always remember Bella’s quiet and unassuming manner. She is very modest, knows who she is and what she is capable of, and moves about her day confidently, competently, and with a generous heart. I admire her ability to navigate life as a college student with maturity and grace.”