Countdown to Commencement: Charly Campanella

February 19, 2024

The next student to be featured in our “Countdown to Commencement'' series is Charly Campanella, a biology student. She was nominated by Dr. Zachary Murphy, assistant professor of biology.

Campanella is a positive force in the Biology Department and beyond. She is on the e-board for the Biology Club, serves as a tutor for biology students, co-facilitates biology courses, and was accepted to the Scholars Transforming Through Research (STR) program where she visited Capitol Hill to speak with lawmakers.

Beyond her involvement, she has a passion for research and dedicates her time to sharing her passion with others. “One research project I am focusing on is working to make research more inclusive and more affordable,” Campanella said. “I really want to share my knowledge and passion for what I do, so that I can prepare the next generation of students to go out in the world and feel the same way.”

In his nomination, Murphy applauded Campanella’s award-winning research and appreciates their faculty-student relationship.

 “Charly has given me direct feedback about my teaching in the classroom from a student perspective which has made me a better educator, faculty member, and person,” Murphy said.

After graduation, Campanella hopes to attend graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in biology. “I have no doubts that Charly will succeed and predict that we will see her in a classroom of higher education at some point in the future,” added Murphy.