Countdown to Commencement: Sophia Trozzi

March 25, 2024

The next student to be featured in our “Countdown to Commencement” series is Sophia Trozzi, an interdisciplinary studies student. Trozzi was nominated by Lauren Scorza, head field hockey coach.

As a first-generation student, Trozzi excels academically and athletically. According to Scorza, she actively seeks ways to enhance her skills, engage with the community, and motivate others to do the same. As the women’s field hockey goalie, Trozzi led the team to an undefeated regular season conference record in 2023 and helped her team win the Empire 8 Championship twice.

“Sophia's field hockey IQ, will to win, and positivity made her a pleasure to coach. Her ability to collaborate with us as coaches, ask questions to challenge her teammates, and the way she stepped up to be a "player coach" on the field motivates me to continue to develop my players not just as athletes, but also as people. It has been amazing to see her personal growth and leadership over the past 2 years,” said Scorza.

Trozzi is grateful for her teammates, coaches, and the friends she has made during her four years at Fisher. “They have shaped me into who I am today, have helped me grow, and have supported me at my lowest or when I was at my highest.”

Trozzi is planning to work in human resources upon graduation focusing on employee wellness.

“I will remember her maturity, leadership, and ability to motivate a group to work for something bigger than themselves. Her kindness to others, constant smile, and respectful demeanor make her an exemplary student and athlete who I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with,” said Scorza.