Five Things I've Learned

June 12, 2019

Jamie Canfield joined Fisher in 2018 as the employer relations and internship coordinator in the Center for Career and Academic Planning (CCAP). She has quickly become part of the landscape at Fisher, working to create those relationships. Here’s a bit of what Canfield has learned in her time on campus:

Jamie Canfield

With a background that includes financial services and admissions recruiting, Canfield comes to Fisher after six years in career services at Cornell University within the Law School and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations. Her passion is working with students, employers, and alumni to develop opportunities that benefit all. 

1. Rochester employers love Fisher students.
In my role as employer relations and internship coordinator, I develop relationships with employers locally and nationally to create and bring job and internship opportunities to Fisher students. What has been so refreshing is that not only are Fisher students highly desired by these employers, but they are commended time and again for their academic preparation, work ethic, and interpersonal skills.

2. The “Fisher Family” motto is real.
Fisher alumni have been a population I work with frequently as many of them are in a position of hiring authority. They want to help provide career opportunities for current students because they were once in their shoes. They also know they will be getting high-caliber talent from a place that produces successful graduates. Fisher alums and students truly support each other, going beyond campus and into their professional lives.

Photo of the open area outside of the Center for Career and Academic Planning

3. Lavery Library is one of the most bustling student hotspots near the new CCAP office.
Our new office space in Lavery Library is almost always surrounded by groups of students studying, chatting, and working on group assignments. It is so entertaining to walk by a nursing student with a bin of anatomical model skeletal bones or watch a marketing student use a whiteboard to brainstorm ideas about an upcoming pitch. It’s sometimes hard to even find an empty seat on the main level!

4. The staff and faculty collaborations are one of the best I’ve seen in my career.
What I have appreciated so much in my short time at Fisher are the eagerness of staff and the openness of faculty to work together. I have been able to be a part of different working groups within Institutional Advancement and the School of Business, in addition to many collaborative meetings with department chairs and faculty members on meeting our shared goal: getting students exceptional pre-career experiences and full-time jobs.

5. Students here are so thoughtful.
I have yet to have a door not held open for me! It amazes me every day how kind and considerate the students are on this campus. It makes my job very easy to promote the students of St. John Fisher College to employers when I see day in and day out how courteous and mature they are.