Get To Know: Preceptor Kyle Richards

May 6, 2020

Dr. Kyle W. Richards has spent his career mentoring the next generation of pharmacists. Following graduation from the Wegmans School of Pharmacy, he engaged in a Post-Graduate Residency Year (PGY1) in pediatrics at Strong Memorial Hospital, before serving as a clinical specialist at the hospital for several years.

Kyle W. Richards

More recently, he moved into his role as the investigation drug services manager at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In addition, he serves as a preceptor for APPE students and PGY1 and PGY2 residents in pediatric hematology-oncology elective rotations. In the Know, the School of Pharmacy’s triannual newsletter, caught up with Dr. Richards to find out what he loves about Fisher students and why mentoring is an important part of his work.

ITK: What do you find most fulfilling about working as a pharmacist?

KR: I enjoy the opportunity to talk to patients and families about proper medication management. I also value providing education to other health care professionals and students, on clinical pharmacology, clinical trials, and pharmacy operations.

ITK: You’re an alumnus of the School of Pharmacy, what is it like working with students as a preceptor? What do you enjoy most about being a preceptor?

KR: Working with students as a preceptor is a rewarding endeavor. I am consistently impressed with the new knowledge I gain from working with students, and I hope that I have imparted as much knowledge on them as I have gained over the years.

I was fortunate enough to have great mentors early in my career and it has inspired me to give back to the next generation of pharmacists. Teaching clinical pharmacology and helping students make connections between the classroom and the workplace is exciting as a preceptor. However, I am most fulfilled with the mentoring relationship that I have built with past students, helping them grow personally and professionally.

ITK: What’s one piece of advice you give students entering pharmacy school and the profession?

KR: To those entering into pharmacy school: enjoy the next four years! They go by fast. Also, be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to work on a presentation or project. You will learn a lot about yourself during the process. Lastly, find a good mentor to help get your career started; there are many great pharmacists in our profession.