Applications Open for Student Peer Support Team

August 25, 2020

The Student Peer Support Team is a volunteer student leadership program devoted to promoting wellness and educating fellow Fisher students on a range of wellness topics including but not limited to: mental health, sleep hygiene, alcohol safety, sexual health, and healthy relationships.

Advised by Jenna Weintraub, coordinator of wellness education, and supported by the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion, members of the peer support team are leaders, educators, role models, and resources to the Fisher community.

According to Weintraub, peer support is a flexible approach that people who share common experiences can use to build relationships that support each other’s growth and healing and open up new ways of understanding oneself and others.

“The core values of peer support focus on mutuality, reciprocity, being non-judgmental, and sharing power in non-hierarchical ways,” she said. “In peer support, we support and challenge each other as we develop new ways to interpret and make meaning of our life experiences, our relationships, and our futures.”

As members of the peer support team, Fisher students will develop, deliver and evaluate wellness programs on campus; provide information on the wellness model to peers; keep an accurate record of activities; and assist with other related events and activities as appropriate.

To be considered, students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in good disciplinary standing with the College.

Submit an application online through FisherSync. Applications are due Thursday, Sept. 3. For more information, email