School of Business Students, Faculty Collaborate to Publish Research

August 11, 2021

Dr. Hemant C. Sashittal, professor of marketing in the School of Business, recently co-authored an article with Dr. Avan Jassawalla, professor of management at SUNY Geneseo, titled “Brands as Personal Narratives: Learning From User-YouTube-brand Interactions.”

Dr. Hemant Sashittal

The article, which was accepted for publication by the Journal of Brand Management highlights a study that was initiated by students in Sashittal’s marketing research course.

“The class worked on this project as part of ‘learning marketing research by doing marketing research,’” Sashittal said. “Their creative work produced the basic theory proposed in this paper; their notions were validated by two nationwide samples (one pre-COVID, one in the COVID-vaccine present time); and our findings were robust across the pandemic.”