O-Team’s Guide to Orientation and Beyond

August 8, 2022

The first few weeks on campus are filled with useful advice from parents, professors, and staff members. But, some of the best advice comes from current students who remember well the hectic, nerve-wracking, and exciting experience of being a first-year student. Jackson Bright ’23 and Deanna Clark ’23, two members of the Orientation Team, offer their advice on making the most of your first year at Fisher.

Orientation team members roast marshmallows during Fisher First Night 2021.

Clark, a native of Horseheads, New York, says change, friends, and food sum up her first year at Fisher and Orientation was the start of it all. 

“Do your best to build a relationship with people in your group,” she says. “This is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone with others. You may not meet your best friend, but at least you will have some familiar faces around campus those first few days.”

Jackson Bright

A native of Pendleton, New York, Bright says Orientation is packed with events designed to introduce you to fellow students and the Fisher culture.

“The must do’s for me are Build-A-Buddy and kickball,” he says. “Build-A-Buddy gets students a new friend to have with them to take back to their dorm rooms and always have to remind them of their home away from home and kickball is so much fun and you really get to know people and who has a competitive side.”

Clark agrees, adding her own recommendations.

“Fisher First Night is a must do,” says Clark. “It’s a great way to hang out and meet new friends. There will be lawn games, music, a campfire, and more! It was my favorite part of Orientation last year.”

Deanna Clark

When class starts on Tuesday, Clark, a nursing major, says to get organized early.

“Buy a planner and write your assignments down as soon as you know them,” she explained. “And always, always block out some time for self care.”

As the semester continues, that planner will also come in handy as events and activities pop up. Bright is an active member of the campus community; he’s an advocate for all the arts programs on campus, and sings with Drastic Measures, Fisher’s only a cappella group. He is also involved in the Teddi Dance for Love, Orientation Team, and Commuter Council. So he knows a thing or two about balancing academics and activities. He advises students to watch out for anything the Student Activities Board holds and to save the date for the Courage Bowl.

“This is the biggest football event all year against Brockport and the proceeds from the game go to Camp Good Days and Special Times,” he explains. “It is a fun time all around and a great event even if you don’t ‘know’ football.”

Both Clark and Bright also say Late Night Breakfast is a “can’t miss” event that includes games, prizes, and of course, an amazing breakfast by the No. 1 Campus Food provider in New York State (according to Niche.com).

Bright says that communication is key when it comes to Orientation and making the most of your first semester on campus. He also encourages students to reach out to the many people on campus ready to help, including residence hall assistants, professors, academic advisors, coaches, and more. And, the Orientation leaders are also available to answer any questions.

“We know that this time is very exciting but can also be quite nerve racking, but keep your head up and be engaged,” he explains. “All of our Orientation team members are the best of the best and will be there for you no matter what.”