#Fisher2023: Researching Success in Biology

August 9, 2023

Biology major Conner Bennett ’23 is a member of St. John Fisher University’s Class of 2023. Hailing from Aurora, New York, Bennett began attending Fisher considering a career in health care before discovering his passion for laboratory research.

Conner Bennett

One aspect of his education at Fisher that he feels will be particularly important to his success is the level of support he received in the classroom. “I believe I have gotten great value out of my education at Fisher. The impact of great professors who are focused on the quality of your education paired with small classes is incredibly important,” he explained.

One of the professors that helped Bennett realize his passion for research was Dr. Ed  Freeman. Bennett was part of an undergraduate research project with Professor Freeman during his junior year to perfect a staining procedure. Before this experience, he felt that he was committed to a career in health care, but his research in this capacity opened his eyes to new passions. “Through this experience I was able to find something I am genuinely excited about. I look back now and can’t believe I ever wanted to do anything else and my career path completely shifted all thanks to Dr. Freeman and his assistance.”

With the help of the network he has established during his four years at Fisher, this summer Bennett has begun working as a lab technician performing research at the University of Rochester.

Bennett hopes to leverage this experience, as well as the skills he has refined at Fisher, into a spot in a Ph.D. program. He credits Fisher, the faculty, and his experiences here as opening doors that he never thought possible. “Four years ago pursuing a Ph.D. is not something I had really ever even considered,” he said. “I love what I do now in school and am excited for what’s next. I would not be where I am now without the opportunities I have had at Fisher.”