School of Arts and Sciences Facility Highlights

Programs and departments within the School of Arts and Sciences are housed in various locations across campus.

Aerial view of Integrated Science and Health Sciences building.

The sciences are based largely in the Integrated Science and Health Sciences (ISHS) Building, which opened in fall 2015. ISHS is home to well-outfitted laboratories and collaborative learning spaces. A two-story living wall emphasizes the building's status as Fisher's first U.S. Green Building Council LEED-certified structure.

Within ISHS, the Biology Department offers teaching laboratories with molecular biology capabilities. Additional biology teaching and research facilities include a greenhouse, fish housing, and exercise training units.

State-of-the-art lab facilities used by the sciences.

An extensive array of cutting-edge, hands-on equipment with the department includes:

  • Compound fluorescent microscope
  • Cell culture hood
  • 3D printer for nanobiology applications
  • Flow cytometer
  • Biomaterials tester
  • Recirculating water flume
  • Microbiological growth incubators
  • Physiological instrumentation

Biology field studies are supported by terrestrial and aquatic sampling and measurement tools, tablet computers, and a fleet of canoes. This equipment contributes to experiential laboratories and advanced independent undergraduate research.

Chemistry labs within ISHS offer a number of research-grade instruments typically not found at an institution of Fisher’s size. These include:

  • 270 MHz Fourier-transform nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
  • High-performance liquid chromatography spectrometer
  • Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer
  • Scanning ultraviolet-visible spectrometer
  • Fournier-transform fluorometer
On the set of Cardinal TV taping.

Elsewhere on campus, media and communication students within the School of Arts and Sciences make excellent use of the department’s broadcast studio/TV lab, located in Basil Hall. The studio/lab is equipped with digital HDTV cameras and recording equipment. Mac and PC computer labs and editing suites include Adobe Creative Suite, Premier, and Final Cut Pro editing programs, as well as software for video-game production.

The School's Psychology Department has access to research facilities that permit high-level research in most of the major areas of psychological science, including learning, cognition, human development, and social behavior. The training facility includes laboratory rooms for individuals, small groups, and large groups that are equipped with one-way observation mirrors.

All laboratory rooms include networked computers and/or wireless laptops. There is instrumentation for the measurement of brain activity, muscle activity, and a wide variety of other physiological responses, as well as projection audio-video recording equipment. Contemporary software packages (e.g., E-Prime, SPSS) facilitate the design and analysis of research studies.