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A student explains poster research presentation to St. John Fisher University President Rooney.

Scholarly Research

Our Fisher community is a student-centered educational environment where we embrace critical inquiry as a means to facilitate learning, problem-solving, and skill-building. Through cutting-edge research, we inspire thought leaders to drive their fields forward.

We are proud to showcase recent scholarly research from faculty, staff, or students of the School of Arts and Sciences. Additional scholarly research may be found at Fisher Digital Publications

Featured Scholarly Work

Illegal Dumping Area off the New Jersey Turnpike, Facing Manhattan Across the Hudson River 1973 by Gary Miller. 1973, From the Documerica Project, The Environmental Protection Agency’s Program to Photographically Document Subjects of Environmental Concern, 1972-1977 @1973, Gary Miller.

Patterns of Urban Growth and Change

Thu, Jan 4

Dr. Mark Rice explores significant photography projects that reveal patterns of urban growth and change in “Picturing the Changing American City in the 1970s: Photography from the NEA Photography Surveys and the EPA Documerica Project.” (Photo by Gary Miller 1973, Illegal Dumping Area off the New Jersey Turnpike, Facing Manhattan Across the Hudson River. From the Documerica Project)

Three silhouettes of deer heads with antlers.

Reflections on Art-making and Masculinity

Tue, Jan 10

Stephen J. West shadows a private investigator by the name of Frank Streets. West merges memoir and detective thriller as he reflects on responsibilities as a writer, husband, and father in Soft-Boiled: An Investigation of Masculinity & the Writer's Life

An open laptop with academic books behind it on a table.

Equipping Qualified Practitioners of Sport

Wed, Jan 10

The Sport Management Educator: Strategies for Teaching by Dr. Emily Dane-Staples provides a resource to support educational excellence in sport management programs.