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Coach Melissa Kuberka

iPads a Slam-Dunk for Women’s Basketball Team

Thu, Apr 28

iFisher has put iPads to use in several of Fisher’s athletic programs. Melissa Kuberka, head women’s basketball coach and a recent graduate of Fisher’s MBA program, shares about the value of iPads in the classroom and on the court.

Dr. Ramil Sapinoro helped distribute iPads to first-year students in the fall.

iPharmacy: Professors Use iPads in Class

Thu, Apr 7

iFisher is changing the way faculty teach. Dr. Ramil Sapinoro, associate professor in the Wegmans School of Pharmacy, shares his experience watching technology change the classroom environment.

Dr. Mike Boller helps students set up their new iPads.

iFisher iPad Distribution = Success

Sat, Sep 18

The DePeters Family Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence led a massive iPad distribution effort of 1,991 iPads for countless happy students.